New Instagram Update: IGTV Posts Are Now Shown In Your Feed and Profile Page

IGTV has been for many an obscure feature of Instagram. You knew where it was, but it felt like the IGTV posts were in a far, far galaxy. You could only access IGTV posts of your favourite humans or food channels (thefeedfeed.vegan) by going into their profiles and tapping on the big circled IGTV icon, next to their Highlights. Located very, very far…I mean, that’s all all the way away from Stories and feed.


That’s, perhaps, why IGTV, the answer to YouTube by Instagram, did not receive as successful response as Stories, another well-know answer to Snapchat by Instagram, did.

But now, with IGTV previews in your feed, and profile, and already in the Explore/Search, Instagram hopes to get you hooked on IGTV posts till you will no longer use YouTube. They say that vertical videos of 60 mins are the next big thing. Will see how it goes.

Below is how an IGTV posts appears in your feed and profile page.

Mobile screenshot from: thefeedfeed

The first preview is an IGTV post. Once, you tap on it, you can watch the entire video.


Mobile screenshot from: thefeedfeed

This is how IGTV posts appear in your feed among the regular posts of the people you follow. It looks like any other regular posts except for the the IGTV icon on the lower left corner of the video.


Mobile screenshot from: thefeedfeed

When it’s close to the 60 second limit, the IGTV button extends to alert you to tap on it and access the rest of the content.


Mobile screenshot from: thefeedfeed

The video stops abruptly with the message Keep Watching button. For many, this is the moment when you realize that you were watching an IGTV post and not a regular Instagram video post.



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