New Instagram feature: Videos you might like & Featured Video channels

Instagram version 7.20 has been released today both for iOS and Android devices, bringing some new Video features in the Explore section. Instagram has already demonstrated how much they believe in videos by recently announcing they will bring longer video, and by giving more insights to brands/advertisers thanks to the view counts.

Now they are giving videos even more emphasis directly in the Explore section of the app by adding two subsections:

Instagram Videos You Might LikeVideos You Might Like

This new section collects videos from across Instagram’s community, showing the trending ones. The collection works similarly to the other Explore sections and is constantly updated by Instagram algorithm.


Instagram Featured Channels

Featured Channels

Scrolling through the Explore section, there are now several Featured Channels, showing the best videos for each topic.

As the rest of the Explore section they are from accounts you do not follow.


Both the new sections follow the general rule of Interest of Instagram: if you don’t like a particular topic, just tap “see fewer posts like this one” and you are all set for the future!

So, Instagrammers in the US can already enjoy the new feature while the rest of us will need to wait a bit more 🙂


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