New And Upcoming Insta Stories Features

You’re going to find yourself reaching out for more Insta stories

Following the timely release of ‘Superzoom’ and Halloween creative tools just a few days ago, there appears to be more exciting features in the test – stop motion camera and mid-feed stories preview. In the recent times, Insta stories have already undergone several updates, bringing on board several creative features such as face filters and interactive poll.

Along the way, we have also discussed the great potential of stories in influencer marketing in the following read:

Now on to the latest and upcoming feature!

Halloween and ‘Superzoom’

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Officially released on the 26th of October, these features come in just in time for the Halloween season. For face filters, choose between Zombie, vampire, flying bat or creepy fog – you can be anything you want to creep out your friends this Halloween!

Of course, there are also stickers fit for the theme of Halloween and we are already seeing different users and brand accounts putting them to good use. These Halloween themed filters and stickers will be available through the period until the 1st of November so try them before they’re gone!

Similar to Boomerang and Rewind that we’re familiar with, the ‘SUPERZOOM’ feature comes with the Insta story camera itself, allowing users to record a funny video with dramatic sound effect as the camera zooms in on the subject. Below is one example of a scary dog, SCARY



Stop Motion camera

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Joining Boomberang and ‘Superzoom’ is going to be the Stop Motion camera feature that would immediately transform series of photos taken on Insta stories into a gif! The tool allows users to take a series of photos, but not edit them individually. Once they’re done snapping photos, they can then have access to the usual story-editing, adding stickers and text to their gifs.

The feature is still currently under testing but once it has been proven popular among the test audience, it could be joining the series of creative tools for all users!

2X larger mid-feed stories

As Instagram stories become an increasingly popular and integral component on the platform, it is definitely going to need more “feed space” for all users. The new update feature would give more re-engagement opportunities to stories that have been missed.


The current row of Insta stories profile at the top of the feed will still remain; what’s going to change is the mid feed re-engagement box. Now, the mid feed layout has been redesigned to show preview tiles of people’s slideshows that are twice as big as the Stories bar atop the feed.

With all these exciting features and updates on board, we’re definitely going to find ourselves reaching out for more Instagram and IG stories!

Soon enough, or perhaps right now, Instagram stories are going to become one of the most integral and interactive component on the platform. With more features and emphasis placed on stories, influencers and brands alike will be sure to look out for stories in their next influencer marketing efforts!

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