Nasi Lemak Burger, did McDonalds nail it?

Was it worth the hype – as told by Instagram


Most of you must have already seen this going around your Facebook or Instagram feed and for some, you may have even given it a try last weekend during its launch!

Before the launch, the above ad was created to promote the limited edition burger as it pays tribute to the Singapore National Service’s upcoming 50th anniversary. The best example of glocalization, McDonald’s launch of the nasi lemak burger catered to the taste of Singaporeans and also conincides with the Singapore Food Festival 2017 this month.


The burger was officially launched on 13th July and it has certainly generated quite a buzz online and in stores. The wide selection of exclusive menu included Nasi Lemak Buger, Chendol McFlurry, Bandung McFizz, Coconet Pie and Criss Cut Fries got people queueing up to 1 hour for them.

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For those who have yet to try or is skeptical of this special flavor, read on to find out how some of the top Instagrammers are saying about the burger. We made use of Popular Chips‘ social listening feature to find out the top posts with the hashtags #mcd, #mcdonaldssg and #nasilemakburger.

(@danielfooddiary – 1634 likes) It is not surprising that the top liked post came from one of the most renowned food blogger in Singapore. So what does he have to say about the new Nasi Lemak burger? Well, according to him it was “okay only lah” and so were a couple of his followers who agreed with him because the real nasi lemak is always better!

However, we cannot agree more with Daniel about McDonald’s marketing effort that has got everyone (online and offline) talking about the burger!

(@evilbean – 1253 likes) The second top liked post is a big thumbs up from Joey who got to try out the burger prior to the official launch and is already a huge supporter. He even had exclusive behind-the-scenes on his Instagram story – what a great way to use the platform to creat hype and make users salivate!

(@explodingbelly – 1186 likes) Clara is not only a NUS student but also a Nuffnang blogger who shares her travel and food journey. Her highly instagrammable food shots are sure to make her users hungry everytime they visit her profile!

Clara was also one of the first few to try out the burger and she found the burger on point and legit but not so much for the coconut pie 🙁

(@yinagoh – 1038 likes) Local blogshop owner and influencer herself, Yina was also one of them who hoped onto the craze with her top down shot of a table full of nasi lemak burger meal! It seems like Yina is a huge fan of the sauce and flavored chicken patty as she highly encourage her followers to try it out.

(@alvinology – 1037 likes) Lifestyle blogger Alvin was well surprised by the unique taste of the burger and felt that it was one of the best specialty burgers launched (other specialty recently includes the Seoul Spicy and Salted egg yolk Burger).

Beside appearing EVERYWHERE on our Facebook and Instagram, many also took to Youtube to share their opinion through video taste test and reviews.


After listening to what some of the top influencers said of the Nasi Lemak burger, we are gving it a 3 out of 5 stars! We think this uniquely Singapore flavored burger is definitely worth a try and kudos to McDonalds’ for nailing the marketig effort and launch of this special series.

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