Multiple Links in your Instagram Bio

The right fit for Influencers and Brands

Most Brands and Influencers face the difficult choice of selecting one single url to add to their IG profile. I mean, is it more important my website, my blog, my FB page, my Snapchat profile, my YouTube channel?

Influencers also have to remove their own links when they run sponsored campaigns for brands and need to link their clients’ pages.

Enters, a free service that allows IG users to use multiple links in their IG bio.


How to use it

After a quick login with your IG profile via API (it’s safe! they don’t ask for your password, they don’t ask for strange permissions), you’ll be able to add your custom links (no limit on the number of links you want to add) and retrieve your url.

Just copy&paste your url on your IG profile (under “Edit Profile” -> “Website”) and you’re done!

Your followers will be redirected to a multiple-choice page where they can choose the link they are most interested in.

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