Mr. Robot Season 2 is here

How to stay up-to-date with the cast on Instagram

Mr. Robot
Mr. Robot

After a great Social stunt earlier this week, the first 2 episodes of the long-awaited second season Mr. Robot are finally here and they are as stunning as we wished for!

Apart from the great direction and the awesome story-line, we can all agree that Mr. Robot’s cast is incredibly powerful and all actors are so talented that we wish they never leave the screen. So let’s catch up with them on Instagram!

1. Elliot Alderson – Rami Malek

Our favorite social-anxious character is on Instagram and already has 73k followers without having posted once. Is he waiting for something powerful to communicate? Is he staging something in real-life too?

While we wait, here’s a fan-provided picture


2. Angela Moss – Portia Doubleday

Just love her performance!

Episode #2 #MrRobot aires tn at 10 USA!

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3. Darlene – Carly Chaikin

Now this is a sister everyone would love to have!

ONE WEEK till this bitch is back and just wait till you see what she does #MrRobot #Darlene

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4. Tyrell Wellick – Martin Wallström

No Instagram yet but you can keep up with him on Twitter


5. Mr. Robot – Christian Slater

Can’t imagine another actor acing the character in the same astonishing way!

Great show @publicschoolnyc

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6. Joanna Wellick – Stephanie Corneliussen

God, she scares the bejesus out of me.

1 more day till the #Season2 premiere of #MrRobot – tune in tomorrow for the 2 part special at 10/9c on USA Network. 🤖☺️😘

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**BONUS** Our favorite pictures from the official account – Mr. Robot

The world isn't ready for what comes next. season_2.0. #MrRobot. 7.13.16. USA Network.

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@CarlyChaikin created exclusive fsociety art for Disrupt STORY, a one-of-a-kind #MrRobot experience in NYC.

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