Most Mentioned Brands by Influencers in Singapore

In the past 2 weeks

At Popular Chips we analyze any influencer in the world to provide Brands with demographic and performance metrics that help them improve their strategy. While doing so, we also analyze the content that has been published and we’re able to identify real-time trends. This article benefits from a small portion of this data in order to identify the brands that have been mentioned the most in Singapore by Influencers.

When we say “mentioned” we mean either tagged in a picture or mentioned in a caption. We’d like to go further and let you know which ones of these posts were sponsored and which ones were organic but until the #ad is mandatory or until the “Branded Content” feature of IG is widely diffused, there’s no automatic way to discern them.

So, without further ado, here is a list of the Top 5 Most-mentioned brands in Singapore

1. Channel8 (@ch8sg)

This came out quite as a surprise to me as I was expecting a Fashion or Beauty brand at the top of the list. But Channel8 Roadshow for My Teacher Is a Thug 8 was truly a success.


2. Sephora (@sephorasg)

Now, this I expected! Sephora has always been on the cutting-edge side of Influencer Marketing. Their strategy is strong and their online presence one of the best in the beauty industry.


3. Adidas Originals (@adidasoriginals)

Again, no surprises here. Adidas is not only one of the most mentioned brands on IG but also one of the most creative ones when it comes at employing influencers. Kudos!


4. Laneige (@laneigesg)

It’s true that beauty bloggers tend to tag all their favorite brands when releasing tutorials, but Laneige truly seems to be one of the preferred ones in SG!


5. Fenty Beauty (@fentybeauty)

Did you see the queue at Ion Orchard? I’m surprised that the new line from Rihanna wasn’t number 1! So much buzz and excitement in the Beauty industry.

Credits: The Strait Times

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