Most Followed Animal Accounts on Instagram

These animals have more followers than you!


Who can say no to cute and fluffy animals? For all of you animal lovers out there, these are the top animal accounts on Instagram that will definitely brighten up your whole day and leave you smiling so much, you will look like an idiot. Please proceed at your own risk….you have been warned! Needless to say, follow them on Instagram to get your daily doses of “awws” and “ahhhs” 😉

1) The cat who is having a really, really bad day…

The internet personality Tardar Sauce has a perpetually grumpy face due to her having an underbite and feline dwarfism. Her grumpiness doesn’t stop her from drawing 2.2m of followers and many TV appearances.



2) The life of the party!

Marnie was living as an abandoned street dog roaming the streets of Connecticut before she was rescued into the loving home of Shirley Braha. Now she is showered with the love of everyone including her 2.1 million followers!


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Can u believe it another year

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3) Say cheese!

Tuna is a 6-year old Chiweenie with an exaggerated overbite and recessed jaw line. His hilarious Instagram photos (with some help from his mom) melt the hearts of his 1.9m followers.



4) Can you spot me…?

Round face, hanging out tongue and a pair of piercing green eyes. Bub is a perma-kitten whose cuteness draws her the affection of 1.5m followers.


5) Always in the mood for cuddles!

Juniper is basically a pet fox who loves people, car rides, cuddles and play. Follow her on Instagram to watch her funny antics though she likes throwing tantrums every once in a while to show people who the boss is.


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M o o d #cuddleme

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6) Am I pretty enough yet?

One look at Venus will tell you how special she is. This tortoiseshell feline has half of her face in solid black with a green eye and the other half in orange tabby stripes with a blue eye. Can we not be in awe with mother nature sometimes?


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7) Oops! Am I caught again??

This rescued raccoon seems to think that she is a dog as she often plays rough with her two dog siblings. Once she is done though, she will let herself into the kitchen to get some of her favorite treats.



8) I am the real hipster here.

Who can be more hipster-ish than a cat with a mustache. This fine gentleman here loves his 730k fans, so follow his instagram for daily updates!


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FluffHeadFriday…it's a thing… #mustachecat

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9) Hi, I didn’t see you there!

Though Biddy the hedgehog is no longer around, his travelling photos still warm the hearts of many of his fans!



10) Time for bed..zzz ?

Hamlet the micro pig has seen her owner through her darkest days of epilepsy. She loves to play dress up and will never say no to cuddles!


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Living the dream.

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