MorpheXJamesCharles: A Look At The Brand’s Most Successful Product Launch


If you watch tons of makeup tutorials on Youtube, you must be familiar with the beauty guru who always starts his video with “Hi Sisters!”. Yes you guessed it right, it’s James Charles! This 19 years old beauty influencer has just launched a collection with Morphe Brushes last week.

The collaboration consisted of a brush set and a palette.”The James Charles” palette retailed for $39, while the brush set retailed for $149. Fans were able to purchase online on the Morphe Website on November 13th and in Ulta Beauty stores on November 16th. James tweeted on November 13th, how he was amazed by the fact that the entire collection was sold out, making it the biggest sales day in Morphe Brushes history.  In the United Kingdom, the palette was sold out in just 5 minutes.

To promote the collaboration on social media, James and Morphe Brushes use the hashtag #UnleashYourInnerArtist, #MorphexJamesCharles and #JamesCharlesxMorphe. The hashtag #UnleashYourInnerArtist has been used on 16,813 posts on Instagram, while #MorphexJamesCharles and #JamesCharlesxMorphe generated more than 6,528 posts and 2,896 posts.

I analyzed the hashtag #UnleashYourInnerArtist using Popular Chips analytic platform, and it shows that this hashtag generates more than 18.7 million total engagement since the beginning of November up until the 19th.

screenshot from Popular Chips platform

I also analyzed the hashtag #MorphexJamesCharles and #JamesCharlesxMorphe. If you take a look at the chart below, you can see there is a peak on the 16th, this could be because the customers just purchase the palette from Ulta (as it started to be available to purchase on that day) and then they uploaded a makeup look using the palette on Instagram. The hashtags get more than 1.7 million engagement in total.

screenshot from Popular Chips Platform

Not only James’s fans, but there are also a lot of influencers who posted a picture of them using the palette as a form of support, such as Tati Westbrook, Nyma Tang, and Nicol Concilio. On the caption, the influencers are using the hashtags that I mentioned before.

So, since this collaboration is a successful one, I wonder which brand will collaborate with James Charles next!

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