More languages now available on Instagram

But only on Android devices

Instagram has released its newest update, allowing the use of three right-to-left languages, Arabic, Hebrew and Farsi on its platform. Through this update, the company hopes that “more people around the world will be able to connect with the people and interests that matter to them”.

This makes a total of 36 languages that are now available on the social media platform, with a select few only available on Android devices. These languages are Bulgarian, Canadian French, Hungarian, Serbian as well as the three languages that have just been added.

Instagram has always been iOS-friendly and the platform was in fact first released on iOS in October 2010. It was only made available on the Android platform approximately two years later on April 2012 and on the Windows 10 Mobile platform just last year in April 2016.

So why has Instagram chosen to release these languages on Android first? Perhaps the answer is as simple as Android devices having a greater market share than iOS devices, especially in countries that use Farsi, like Iran, Afghanistan and Tajikistan. It seems like the large presence of Android devices in the global market has prompted Instagram to shift from an iOS-first to Android-first platform and this is only natural.

It appears that users of Arabic, Hebrew, Farsi and all the other Android-only languages who are also running iOS on their smartphones will have to wait for awhile before their languages are supported on their devices.

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