Micro Influencers, Small But Powerful

Why brands should go for micro?

Who are micro influencers?

Different definition exists, but in general micro-influencers fall between celebrities and top tier mainstream influencers. They do not boast a huge follower base, usually having around 10,000 to 50,000. Of course, according to different brands and market size, the follower size of a micro influencer could go as low as 5,000 or even up to 100,000.

However, micro influencers have similar traits. They are social media content creators/ personas who grow their following with a niche and visual appeal, targeted at specific interests for example: fitness, baking, arts and illustration, fashion and travel.

Why micro influencers?

They have small but very targeted and dedicated followers

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Actor and cyslist @lennalim for @adidas (Malaysia)

With their niche appeal, they have a dedicated following who truly appreciates what they are doing. Take for example, a micro influencer who is a fitness enthusiast and avid gym go-er who regularly updates his followers on his diet plans and exercise routine. One can expect his followers to include someone who looks up to the influencer as a fitness role model, motivated by his regular routine and keen to try out some of his recipes.

That’s the beauty of micro influencers – they really do influence the right people.

Fitness guru @elisebodyshop with @adidasnyc and @asos_us

As compared to celebrities who may reach a wide audience but their diverse mix of follower base comes from all walks of life, can brands be sure that most of them are the consumers they are looking for?


They are more authentic and convincing

As compared to mega celebrities, yes they do provide the wide reach and brand awareness but do consumers really believe in them for promoting a certain product? A pop singer endorsing a professional camera? Does she even shoot? In comparison to a micro influencer who is a dedicated photographer and showcases his beautiful visuals on his account, who is more convincing?

@slavatheshrimp for @sperry

Micro influencers are more personally and emotionally invested in creating as well as perfecting their social media materials. While top celebrities and influencers could simply post with a bottle of drink in hand, these micro influencers would go that extra mile and effort to brainstorm and craft the perfect photo with a personal touch.

@darylaiden for @sperry_sg

In addition, most of these micro influencers are relatively new to brand endorsement. This is the perfect time for brands to capture them and even make them an ambassador. These fresh faces are essentially a “blank canvas” that could help shape a brand with you. In stark contrast for top celebrities and influencers with a long list of endorsement history, their account and followers may have already been exposed to a saturated level of brands.


They have higher engagement and performance (LOWER cost per engagement!)

The top goal for most, if not all social media and influencer marketing efforts has got to be creating talk and resonance among the audience – and the metric to measure is engagement rate. Again, there could be different ways to measure engagement rate but the mos commonly agreed upon is a combination of likes and comments of a post in relation to the total following size of an influencer.

Due to the various factors above, micro influencers are able to create content that are truly resonating with his/her followers and it is not hard to imagine why they usually get an average of two to five times more organic engagement per Instagram post, compared to those with more than 100,000 followers.

Healthy eating enthusiast @daisybeet for @squareorganics

A smaller following also allow these micro-influencers to get down to the details and smallest conversation with all her followers. As opposed to a celebrity/mega influencer who’s comment section could be flooded with both quality and spams, micro influencer can answer to every comment and queries on both public comment and even direct inbox. This helps followers to understand the influencers better and create a deeper level of connection and trust.


They create amazing content!

Another beauty of micro-influencer is that they are usually content creator themselves and often a professional in their field. They are professional and passionate individual in their field, it could range from illustration, creating short video (web series) to photography.

Fashion illustrator @grace_ciao for @esteelauder
Fashion illustrator @grace_ciao for @asics

Brands can approach these micro-influencers to co-create content for their social media strategy. They are able to turn any product/ services into something fresh and innovative with a tinge of personal characteristics that is perfect for their audience.

Quality over quantity; instead of going for the big numbers, go for those that matters and are most relevant!


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