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Today we have the incredible opportunity to interview Hannah Argyle, amazing photographer gaining astonishing success on Instagram with her positive art. Find out more about @hannahargyle and her full interview just below.


Username: @hannahargyle
Full Name: Hannah Argyle
Country: UK
Followers: 151k
Avg. Likes: 6,5k


Describe your Instagram profile, what you post and why.

My Instagram profile is light, bright, colourful and positive. I post images of the little things in my life that make me happy, moments with my kids, food and flowers and the great outdoors.

When did you start your Instagram experience?

I first downloaded Instagram soon after my youngest son was born about three and a half years ago, but I didn’t start posting regularly until a year later. That’s when my interest in photography began!

Did you start with the purpose to make it a job or did it start as a passion that then became a job?

Absolutely a passion! I never considered in a million years that this could become something I could earn money from.

How long did it take to you to make your first 10,000 followers?

When I first started posted regularly I had around 40 followers. It took me around a year to gain about 6K and then I was made a suggested user and gained a further 60K while on the list. That was about 18 months ago and the 65K+ that came after that have grown organically.


What camera/phone do you use to take your pictures?

I use either an iPhone 6S or my Nikon D610. I would highly recommend both! My camera is a fantastic full frame camera, which I’m very lucky to own. Around 2/3 of my feed is iPhone only though and it’s amazing what you can do with an iPhone.

Do you use filters on a regular basis?

Yes I use filters gently. I tend to edit my images first using Lightroom desktop software for DSLR images, and the Lightroom and PSExpress apps for mobile images. Then I tend to use a little of a VSco filter, usually something from the A collection. A8 and A5 are favourites, they brighten the whites and cools the tones.

Do you cultivate your Social Media presence in other Networks?

Not very successfully no! I have a Facebook business page which is useful for posting my work as a family and newborn photographer but I tend not to post many of my Instagram images there. I am on Twitter but not very active there, I find really I can only concentrate on one social media at once!

What is the post that you published that you like the most or that you are most proud of?

I originally created these images for the Gap, I drove my kids down to London at 7.30am one Sunday morning to go to this wall, I used a tripod for the first time ever and managed to get shots on a timer of all three of us! I worked hard on this shoot and I’m really happy it worked out and I have very rare images of myself and my kids together. Well worth the effort and it was fun!

Have you ever collaborated with other influencers?

Yes I regularly meet up with other Instagrammers and love working together with other people. One of my favourite collaborations was a weekend away in Rye, Easy Sussex with a skin care brand and 5 other Instagrammers. We had a great time and I really enjoyed working together as photographers and stylists.

What kind of people do you follow on Instagram?

I follow individuals and sometimes brands whose content inspires me. If an account doesn’t post great pictures, I would rather not follow! I look at my Instagram feed a lot and I find it hugely inspiring. I don’t really understand people who don’t look at other people’s work because people are creating so much amazing stuff every day!

Have you ever worked with international brands that published a sponsored post in your Instagram feed?

Yes I work with brands regularly. Sometimes I makes these connections through agencies and often brands contact me directly. I have had good and bad experiences, but on the whole brands are great to work with and very good at allowing the influencers creative freedom which is so important.




How often do you publish sponsored posts commissioned by brands?

I try not to do too many and I say no to a lot these days. I try to only promote products which I feel are a good fit to my followers and my life, and the reaction has always been really good! I’ve been very lucky and never had any negativity at all, but I work very hard to produce content that is true to my style and fits in seamlessly to my profile.

Do you mainly work directly with brands or through agencies?

I work both ways, and I like both for different reasons. Working with agencies sometimes means bigger brands with bigger budgets and it is usually a quicker negotiation than when you do it directly and there is a lot of emails to send. Agencies usually take longer to pay though! Every agency is different though and I find they work in completely different ways. There still doesn’t seem to be any industry standards on what the work of an influencer is worth.

Have you ever accepted to publish a sponsored post for a brand without being paid?

Yes I have, and still do occasionally! I do try not to these days because I am so busy, but sometimes I’m offered lovely goods which I think will fit in well in my feed and I think why not? I work very hard and it’s nice to have these little treats! Usually these companies are great to work with and happy to wait a little longer for a post as they know paid posts will take priority.

Have you ever used an Instagram Analytics?

Occasionally I do if people ask me for demographics, but I don’t find them very useful. I have never changed my posting habits based on any information I have been given by them. Good pictures tend to get good likes, whenever I post them

Have you ever bought followers or likes?

Absolutely not!

What would you suggest to someone who want to be an Instagram Influencer?

I think you have to be true to yourself, people can sniff out a fake a mile off. Post great content, keep your standards high, be positive, and post what you love! If you aren’t really committed and are trying to be something you are not I don’t think it’ll ever work. You need to gain a true and engaged following in order to be able to earn money from it.

What do you think about the recent changes to Instagram feed and the relevance that Videos are assuming?

I’m not sure yet how these changes are really going to take effect. I do think though that people will still like great pictures, and so hopefully in that sense not too much will change.

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Many thanks Hannah and good luck!

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