Meet The Influencer Who Can Sell Out Luxury Handbags In Minutes

Meet Tao Liang, or better known as Mr. Bags, the influencer who can magically sell out luxury handbags that cost thousands of dollars in just mere minutes. With more than 4.1 million followers on Weibo, he has become one of China’s most influential fashion influencers.

What makes Mr. Bags successful is his knowledge of high spenders. He explains on his interview with Vice that he knows what the luxury consumers want and need. “I can tell if a bag going to be popular in China, this is kind of my special power now”. When he works with brands, he would tell them if a bag is good for Chinese consumers or not. He would give comments such as “Why don’t you have a pink color in China? Chinese people love it so much”.

By owning that special power, he has managed to attract the attention of worldwide luxury brands and launch capsule collection with them. The results of his collaborations are far from disappointing, in fact, every collaboration he has done was a huge success. Here are few of the collaboration he has had so far:

Mr. Bags x Givenchy

(Courtesy of Jing Daily)

His collaboration with Givenchy, I would say, is the collaborations that made Mr. Bags famous for having managed to sell out the collection in just a few minutes. Givenchy worked with Mr. Bags to create a pink Mini Horizon limited edition bag for Valentine’s day in February 2017.

As you know, Givenchy is a luxury French brand and their bags are not cheap. This collaboration bag priced at $2,170. The price tag does not stop Mr. Bags’ followers from purchasing them. In fact, according to China Chanel, all the 80 limited edition pink handbags are sold in just 12 minutes, netting $173,652.

Mr. Bags x Longchamp 

The first time Mr. Bags did a collaboration to be sold not only in the mainland of China but 10 other countries, including Malaysia, Italy, France, and Singapore, was with Longchamp in 2018.  Longchamp teamed up with Mr. Bags for their Chinese new year collection. They came up with a paw print design on Longchamp’s signature Le Pliage Cuir line. The handbag comes in 3 shades, blue, black, and of course, pink. The paw symbolizes 2018’s year of the dog. According to Jing daily, the social media strategy was only planned around a month before the launch. Mr. Bags used the hashtag #Mr.BagsxLongchampExclusiveCapsule on Weibo to spread the news of the collaboration to his millions of followers. The strategy turned out to be effective, considering on the release date, the mini size Le Pliage sold out in just minutes and the whole collection generates $772,000 of sales.

Mr. Bags x Tod’s 

On June 26th, 2018, Tod’s launched their second collaboration with Mr. Bags. Together with the famous influencer, they created a puppy inspired backpack. According to Business Of Fashion, the collaboration was launched via BaoShop. It is a mini program on WeChat created by Mr. Bags, as a platform for him to sell all his collaborations with luxury brands. The store offers products that can only be purchased by Mr. Bags 1.2 million WeChat followers. For this capsule collection, only 300 pieces are being sold on BaoShop. All the bags, which retailed at $1,620, are sold out in just 6 minutes.  It was faster to sell out than Mr. Bags’ collaboration with Givenchy.


With which brands do you think Mr. Bags will collaborate next time?

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