Look What You Made Me Do

A look at the top #LWYMMD content on social media

Taylor Swift – who doesn’t know her? We all know how amazing she is, be it her stage or online presence. With her recent release of “Look What You Made Me Do” single, suddenly all our social media news feed are filled with posts about her. Here are just some facts to prove our point:

Rolling Stone
  • A quick search on “Taylor Swift Look What You Made Me Do” returns 8.8 million results on Google and 25 million videos on Youtube
  • As of 6th Sept (that’s over a week from the release), the official music video is still #1 Trending on Youtube with over 229 million views
  • She deleted all her posts on IG but that didn’t stop her account from growing still. Right now, she has over 103 million followers while following none and receiving over million of likes for each post.

If you haven’t watch the music video, here it is! Try to spot all the references in the video – read here to find out all about them.

Here is everything you need to know about how incredible this star is on social media – Instagram and Youtube. On 18th of August, @Taylorswift made a bold move and removed all her posts on Instagram, leaving some fans excited as they speculate a new single from her.

@taylorswift IG followers growth in past month (from Popular Chips)


Youtube subscribers growth in past month (from Popular Chips)

While Taylor may have lost a few followers during this period, nothing can stop her popularity as the number shot up once again upon the release of her official music video. Ever since 24th Aug, there has been an increase in followers by 385,460. The same goes for her own personal Youtube channel (not VEVO); ever since 24th Aug, there has been an increase in subscribers by 182,496.

Taylor’s IG account has definitely took a cleaner and more aesthetic look with mainly teaser materials and nothing personal. She has also since removed all commenting features on her post and left a line from her MV on her biography, “The old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now.”. The top post from her newly revamped IG account is the following image of her new Reputation album; no caption, no comments, 2.3 million likes.


In just a little over a week, Taylor’s fans have already joined in on social media, creating millions of content on social media to express their love for Taylor and excitement for her new song. By using Popular Chips social listening tool, we have gathered some of top IG post with the hashtag #LWYMMD.

This drawing of Taylor was created by @cystaljadevaughan and this was one of top liked-post. Visit her account now for other equally mesmerizing drawaings!

Illustrator @alefvernonart  did a beautiful drawing of Taylor in a scene from the official music video, we love it!

American YouTube personality and comedian @glozell did a parody of the music video, what do you guys think?


With over 25 million LWYMMD related video content (song, dance, parody and reaction videos) on Youtube, here are some of our top picks!

(5 million views) By LA based choreographer @kylehanagami

(2.4 million views) By singer, songwriter and Youtuber @jflamusic 

(2.2 million views) Cover by @MirandaSings who is a fictional character, developed on the internet, created in 2008 and portrayed by American comedian, actress and YouTube personality Colleen Ballinger. You cannot watch this once.

(1.8 million views) Look how these adults reacted to the music video and what they felt towards all the references and the “new Taylor”.

(1.2 million views) And yet another music cover collaboration by singer/ songwriter @MadilynBailey and @SamTsui!

That’s all we have for now but Taylor is not stopping here, she has recently released her second song “Ready For It?” but is it going to be as crazy as LWYMMD?

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