Lnk.Bio : Make It All About You! [UPDATE]

After many requests from our users, we have finally released our latest Lnk.Bio plan  the PRO – White Label! Sound pretty cool? That’s because it is! The PRO – White Label is Lnk.Bio’s flagship plan that includes all the amazing features of the existing plans but with much more.

If you are unsure what Lnk.Bio is about, check out this article to understand what you can do with it! In summary, Lnk.Bio is a service made for all you influencers out there who wish to connect your Instagram followers to all your other social media platforms, but are restricted by the maximum of 1 link that you can put in your bio. With Lnk.Bio, you can host all your links on one main link that you can then display on your Instagram bio.

Make it all about you!

The core principle of Lnk.Bio’s flagship plan —  PRO – White Label is making it all about you! So let’s get started on what’s new.

First and foremost, with PRO – White Label, we have removed the Lnk.Bio logo and menu bar to provide you with a clean-looking, minimalist interface.

Instead of being greeted with a Lnk.Bio logo, your followers will be immediately drawn to your profile nothing else!

You can tailor your profile to your personality by customising the colours of various parts of your Lnk.Bio profile.


As for the colours, we have over 16 million colours to choose from so feel free to pick whichever ones best suit you!

The PRO – White Label is available at only $24.99 USD for lifetime usage! For all you users out there who have already bought the PRO – Lifetime plan, don’t fret, just contact us for a discount if you wish to upgrade to PRO – White Label!

If you haven’t signed up for a Lnk.Bio profile yet, now’s your chance! Click here to sign up for a free Lnk.Bio profile with unlimited links!

P.S. Do check out Popular Chips’ Lnk.Bio here! (Yep, it’s White Label!)

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