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So here’s the thing – Instagram only allows users to put a grand total of 1 website link in their bio description.

“But what about those of us who actively use other platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and even YouTube? We won’t have space for those! This is so unfair!” some of you may say.

Yes, we know, reality is harsh and we can’t always get what we want in life. Fortunately, the team at Popular Chips disagreed with these limitations and decided to to circumvent the situation with Lnk Bio!

Lnk Bio (yes, it’s spelt without the “I”), is a bespoke Instagram service provided by the tech wizards here at Popular Chips. It was crafted solely for the purpose of overcoming the constraints set on the number of website links.

“How?” you may ask. Well, this service allows you to host all of your links (read: UNLIMITED) on one main link

That link can then be placed on the website portion of your Instagram bio. This way, when people click on the link, they will be sent to Lnk Bio’s platform, where they will be able to see all your links artfully arranged on one page.

The steps are extremely simple and the team is always ready to help you should there be any issues.

Of course, there are a few differences in pricing between each tier of membership for this service. Not to worry–even the free version allows you to place an unlimited number of links on your page!

If you do choose to pay, each tier of membership will get you something different! For instance, in the free version, you get access to unlimited links. However, you won’t be able to customize the URL to these links and as such, your link will look something like this.

With the PRO version, you get to choose between a lifetime subscription for $9.99 USD or a monthly subscription for $0.99 USD per month. With the PRO version, you are allowed to customize your URL to anything you want! Like this, for an example:

Can I also just mention the fact that you get to rename your own links? Something like this for example!

We’ve also recently added the newest tier: PRO – White Label! This premium tier-ed subscription enables you to do more creative things with your profile. Stay tuned for an entire article detailing the snazzy new functions you can use to jazz it up!

For those who fear for their private details after the recent social media scandals, you can be rest assured that Lnk Bio only uses the official Instagram API and hence, does not require any of your personal information! (Seriously, you’re safe.)

So the next time you’re jealous of how YouTubers get to end off their videos by saying “Links in the description below”, remember that you can now do something similar with Lnk Bio.

Convenience for your followers (and yourself) can now be at your fingertips!

You’re very welcome.


(All pictures were taken from Lnk Bio)

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