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Everything you need to know about Shoppable Posts on Instagram

Instagram and online shopping, put them together? Definitely yes!

With over 800 million monthly active users on Instagram, it is one platform no brands would want to miss. Since its first test introduction, the ability to create shoppable posts has opened up new possibility and revenue stream for online businesses.

The feature was first tested on a selected group of merchants including Kate Spade, JackThreads and Warby Parker. Now, we are seeing more brands on board, putting shoppable posts to good use and leading a start to a game-changing online shopping experience. Currently, eligible and approved U.S. businesses can officially start tagging products in their Instagram posts and here we are showing you some examples of them!

Stop losing customers and say goodbye to “Click the link in profile to shop now” and #shoplinkinbio!

Instagram Shoppable Posts – How It Works?

Shoppable Instagram posts are identified by the tiny shopping bag icon on the top right-hand corner when viewed on the feed (similar to the icon for multiple posts).

As users scroll their feed, they will then see the “TAP TO VIEW PRODUCTS” pop up in the bottom left corner of the post that is shoppable. Upon clicking it, the product tag would appear, giving a description to the shoppable item such as the name and price.


To view more information on the product in the post, users will just have to click on the tag and Instagram will open up a new page in the app where they can see the official product shot, bigger and with more information.

To purchase the item, users just have to tap on Shop Now (blue bar) and it will take them to the brand/company website product page. From there, they can then proceed to add the item to cart and check out.

As you can see, the entire process of viewing a product is seamless and within the app itself other than the actual transaction which still has to be completed on the company’s website. By capturing the entire consumer purchase journey from inspiration to purchase intention, Instagram is providing brands with a feature they have been yearning for in the longest time ever.


Other examples



Can’t wait to get started? Find out if your brand meets these conditions:

  1. Eligible and approved U.S. businesses (we can definitely expect the feature to be expanded to more markets in the future)
  2. Latest version of Instagram application
  3. Instagram business profile
  4. Business for sale of physical goods
  5. Shop/product catalog on Facebook’s business manager or existing merchants of Instagram’s partner Shopify and BigCommerce


Met all the conditions? Yay, here’s how you can set up your first Instagram shoppable post:

Getting your account ready

  1. Set up Instagram account as a Business account that is linked to the corresponding Facebook page
  2. Set up a Shopify or BigCommerce account
  3. Connect Shopify/BigCommerce account to Facebook page product catalog
  4. To get started on the products, input actual product shots into Facebook catalog and determine which products you plan to offer for purchase

Posting on Instagram

Creating a shoppable post is no challenge at all, especially for those familiar with the usual key feature of Instagram. With product feature enabled in the account, after uploading the image, you will find the option to tag products similar to tagging accounts (username). Scroll through your list of product catalog and select the corresponding item. Once this is done, everything is good to go!

*Note: Shoppable posts only allow one form of tag, either product tags or account username and not both. Also, shoppable posts are currently only available for the mobile app version and not the desktop browser.

Social media platform has revolutionized the way we consume content online and how we interact with friends, celebrities, influencers, and brands. Now once again, social media is opening up a new space that would transform online shopping. In this digital and visual generation, there is huge potential in Instagram in helping brands achieve the conversion they’ve been looking for on social media. With shoppable posts on Instagram, a consumer’s journey from inspiration to purchase intent is now being covered for entirely!

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