Latest changes in Instagram.

What can brands do to keep up.

How do you stay ahead in an never ending race? When things are always changing and there is something new to learn every day, how do you stay keep abreast the latest changes? That is one of the main issues businesses face today.

The social media landscape is evolving way too quickly. There is always some update or feature being introduced to one of our social media platforms. It is no wonder we often find ourselves lagging a step behind. Given the digital nature of the world today, it is vital to not only be aware but to also understand these changes and its impact on users, brands and of course, marketers.

As a result, businesses today essentially have two choices to make. To either embrace change or risk becoming irrelevant. In lieu of the recent updates Instagram has introduced, here is a quick summary of its features and the opportunity it brings.

1.Hashtag Stickers


Just when you thought Instagram Stories was cool enough, Instagram upped its game and introduced Hashtag stickers. These colorful and cute stickers help provide greater context to the selfies, videos, and pics we share online.

Brands can use this feature strategically to introduce their branded hashtag to increase their brand awareness. It not only improves their hashtag campaign, it can also increase user engagement over time. In addition, this is a great platform to run various branding campaigns and inspire user generated content. Building a relationship with millennials can be difficult and even trying for some brands but by consistently engaging with their audience, brands can cultivate a stronger relationship with them over time.

2.Selfie filters


At times, selfies alone just don’t cut it. There is a need for some filters, a dash of stickers and a plethora of hashtags to make it complete. Well, as of now there is a total of eight filters that even work with Boomerang content, images, and videos.

Brands are able to use these filters to show some personality and connect with Millennials who generally engage to more organic and relatable content. The content is not only more personalized but it will ultimately help build a community that is invested in the brand.

3.Rewind Format


If you found Boomerang wacky, wait till you play with the new Rewind Format. Anyone can break the law of physics with this new format. While your Stories feed is going to be even more entertaining from now on, this provides brands with an even greater opportunity to create exciting content for its audiences. Brands can create eye-catching illusions and capture audiences’ imagination and interests.

4.Location Stories


The new location stories will appear when you’re near that current location and other Instagram users are posting with while tagging the location. Users are able to type a location in the search bar and the application will return stories that feature a corresponding location.

Instagrammers are now able to find content posted by brands based on locations too. Brands can tag their physical shops, events and even pop-up stores to a specific location and be discovered through location stories. They can also use it to promote specific promotions in a particular location.


With social media platforms constantly evolving to better meet the changing demands of its audiences, it is even more important for brands and marketers to keep up with these trends. These recent slews of updates by Instagram opens up greater avenues for marketing. From using hashtags, stickers or even locations, brands have a greater opportunity to reach out to even more customers.

While these tools do assist brands in terms of their reach, it is no substitute for quality content. Quality content breeds deeper affection and even fandom of your content.

Written by Kenneth Edward

Hey, everyone! I am currently serving as an Account Coordinator at Octagon, the world's top agency for sports entertainment marketing and talent management. Besides dogs and fine teas, I love all things marketing. It is my belief that good marketing not only educates, it engages and transforms. Shoot me an email if you have any questions. Thx!

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