Kylie Skin: The Next Billion Dollar Insta-Brand

Kylie Jenner is releasing a new namesake brand: Kylie Skin, on May 22, 2019.
Back in April 9, her sister Khloé accidentally referred to the Kylie Cosmetics setting spray as a Kylie Skin product, leading to speculations of the launching of new line from Kylie Jenner.
While the new brand’s Twitter and Facebook accounts were created respectively back in September and October 2018, she only started the promotional activities two days ago, on May 10, 2019.

Let’s have a look on how @KylieSkin’s launch was received by the Instagram audience.

@KylieSkin: Audience Growth on Instagram

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From May 10, 2019 up till May 13, 2019, Kylie Skin has amassed a huge following of almost 1 million Followers.

Insights provided by Popular Chips

It has a high Audience Growth Rate of 75% from May 11 to May 13, 2019. That’s projected to rise even more just days before her product release.

Insights provided by Popular Chips

These numbers also mean that Kylie Skin has gained an average 13.9k Followers every hour since the day she went live with the first posts, on May 10, 2019.

@KylieSkin: Engagement Rate of Pictures

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Kylie’s brand has a stellar high Engagement Rate of 25.91%, which is higher than the 3.9% American average, and a universe away from the average of 1.6% of standard brands’ Instagram accounts.

Insights provided by Popular Chips

The brand’s top post (shown below), which is also the top most liked post, has amassed a staggering 3 million Views and 347,462 Likes.

By having the Video-View count 3 times more than her @KylieSkin’s follower number, Kylie’s top post has managed to take Instagram by storm. This shows that she has successfully engaged and captured the attention of people even outside her following.

@KylieSkin: Marketing strategy

Kylie always employs only 1 marketing strategy which is leveraging her personal Instagram accounts for promotions. With a mighty following of 135.2 millions, Kylie exclusively unveiled her new Kylie Skin products directly on her Instagram Stories, from the comforts of her own home.

Kylie’s unveiling + Request to follow @KylieSkin
Unveiling of @KylieSkin face wash

The above are just 2 of the 29 video stories that she made for the unveiling of the @KylieSkin line. You can still find them in her personal Instagram account’s Highlights.

With such a promising start, we are certain that these products will sell out within minutes of release, and that Kylie Skin is already on the right road to become her next Billion dollar Insta-Brand.

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