How KKW Beauty’s Mrs. West Collection Sold Out in 2 Hours

Apart From The Fact That She Is Literally Kim Kardashian

Two weeks prior to the launch of The Mrs. West Collection on KKW Beauty, which was released in line with Kim and Kanye’s 5th wedding anniversary, the KKW team posted a series of pictures leading up to 24th May 2019. This picture, posted on May 15th, is the account’s top commented and second most liked picture this year, coming in just second to the Kylie x KKW promotional post.

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According to @kimkardashian’s IG stories and official posts by @kkwbeauty, the full collection (excluding individual items) sold out in 2 hours.

This is not KKW’s first or largest scale release, so what is it about The Mrs. West Collection are people so enthralled by?


First off, the release in conjunction with KimYe’s 5th Wedding Anniversary is immediately nostalgic. Whether you were there or square, a Kardashian wedding/party/event doesn’t not go down in history, and immortalizing it in the form of a makeup collection will guarantee that people want in.

Kim and the KKW team also ensured that their feeds mirrored one another’s during this period, further exemplifying the thematic importance of this collection.

Between original pictures from the wedding in Italy and a recent shoot that Kim did to recreate her wedding look in 2014, these last two weeks have been a thematic blast from the past and hyped followers and fans up for the launch of the palette.

The picture posted on May 15th, for example, garnered a 6% engagement rate, which is a full 6 times higher than the accounts usual engagement rate (0.5-1% engagement is typical of a brand account). Kim’s 5 year anniversary essentially gave her 6 times more engagement, and we can see the peaks here on the brand account:

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As well as here, on Kim’s Instagram account, which reflects an audience growth of 1.1M in the week that she posted pictures relating to both her wedding and The Mrs. West Collection.

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How do influencers capitalise on experiential marketing? They make it seem or feel like you, the viewer, were there. Take a look at this caption that was used across posts by Kim Kardashian herself as well as KKW Beauty.

By pairing an original photograph of @makeupbymario doing Kim’s face from the day itself along with hints that the collection will stay as true to this memory seems to suggest to potential consumers that if we buy or use this product, we might as well have been there too.

The swipe-up option, combined with the shoppable IG Stories feature also helps to immerse audiences into the whole feel behind this event and the desire to recreate or be a part of it without having to leave Kim K’s IG story at all. You can simply pause to purchase a product your desire and continue on the journey of virtually reliving her wedding day.

3 – FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)

This is perhaps the simplest and most effective way to get people on board a product, idea, or service. No one wants to be the last person on a trend, or to ‘miss out’ on what everyone is doing/using. The Mrs. West Collection achieved this in two ways: (1) building up anticipation for the release of their collection and (2) constantly updating the progress of sales on social media.

Here is a series of Kim K’s IG stories which prove how effective this method is. Take note of the time stamps and her captions.

First up is the announcement:

Pre-empting people an hour before and linking the website into the swipe-up option makes it easier for consumers and users to standby for purchase.

In 2 hours the collection set sells out, and this is perhaps the most important IG story because she tells us what is still available (individually priced items). There is an incredibly high chance that those who might have been on the fence about purchasing prior are converted by this point because of the sheer popularity of the product.

True enough, it barely takes another hour before the Love Lip Liner sells out.

Following which the Lip Bundle also sells out, all because people are in a race to own this limited edition set of products that has been carefully and cleverly marketed over the last few weeks.

Instagram Stories are so important when it comes to brand awareness, simply because it is the quickest and most interactive way that people can engage with your content. 500 million people use IG stories every day, so it is important not to let their potential go to waste. They can swipe up to shop or read more, they can reply to ask a question (if that option is enabled), they can send the story to someone else who might be interested, and they can consume copious amounts of graphics and information in a very short period of time because of the nature of the IG story itself.

The Mrs. West Collection was successful for a number of reasons including the inherent popularity of anything Kardashian/Jenner related, but you don’t have to be a celebrity to replicate the three steps listed in this article. Commit to a theme, make your product an experience both on and off screen, and make sure people are vying for what you have to offer.

Then sit back and watch your brand thrive.

Written by Deesha Menon

Influencer Marketing at Popular Chips. Interested in social issues, narratives, books, social media, and machine learning.

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