Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ Instagram Popularity

Who has the most followers out of the 5 Kardashian-Jenner Sisters?

On October 14, 2007, the world was introduced to the Kardashians and their drama-filled, day to day lives. 11 years, 15 seasons and multiple spin-offs later, the Kardashians have become a staple in Hollywood and are dominating the fashion scene, receiving awards for being influential and (whether you like it or not) commanding millions for appearing at events and for promoting products on their personal Instagram pages.

We’ve seen them through some of their best moments

and also some of their funnier ones

Today, let’s take a look at the 5 Kardashian-Jenner sisters and the massive following they’ve gotten on Instagram since then.

5. Kourtney Kardashian (@Kourtneykardash)

The eldest of the siblings, Kourtney currently has about 64.6 million followers on Instagram.


[Image of Kourtney’s audience in the age range, generated via popular chips’ proprietary platform]
Out of the 5 sisters, Kourtney boasts the highest amount of % audience in the age range of 14-35! This means that her personal Instagram page would be a wise channel to promote products catering to ladies in the age group.

4. Khloe Kardashian (@KhloeKardashian)

Taking the 4th spot on this list, Khloe has garnered over 76.7 million followers in her career.

Khloe also commands the highest engagement rates and % of video views out of all her famous sisters which is an incredible feat! Engagement rates are usually more representative of audience and influencer interactions and are great indicators of the success of a campaign.

[Image of Khloe’s audience engagement rate as well as video views, generated via popular chips’ proprietary platform]

3. Kendall Jenner (@kendalljenner)

Coming in at 3rd place, we have the beautiful Kendall Jenner. This young model and 2nd youngest sister of the Kardashian-Jenner tribe has 92.3 million followers on Instagram. Her feed has recently been covered with her work (as a model) and none of us are complaining!

Kendall’s ratings are one of the best in the industry but her amount of inactive followers on Instagram makes it extremely exciting for Instagram Marketers. She has the least amount of inactive followers among her sisters. In fact, its one of the lowest inactive percentages we’ve seen!

[Image of Kendall Jenner’s inactive followers %, generated via popular chips’ proprietary platform]
When marketers collaborate with Kendall, they can be assured of maximizing their reach.

2. Kylie Jenner (@kyliejenner)

The youngest Kardashian-Jenner sister takes the 2nd spot with 110m followers on Instagram. This young cosmetic guru recently gave birth and has an interesting feed to say the least.

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bright colors all summer long ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

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[Image of Kylie’s average likes and comments per post, generated via popular chips’ proprietary platform]
Kylie has the highest average likes and comments (on each post) compared to the rest of her sisters!

Does this mean she’s the most well liked among her sisters? (We won’t be the judge, let us know your thoughts!)

1. Kim Kardashian (@kimkardashian)

Of course, taking the crown, we have Kim Kardashian at the top with 113.7 million followers (and counting!) The owner of KKW Beauty and KKW Fragrance, this reality TV super star is still the sister with the strongest presence on Instagram.



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Happy Saturday

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Whatever the case, and however they’re “ranked”, I’m definitely certain about one thing –

These ladies are here to stay for a long time.



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