@JeffreeStar’s Star-studded Lip Gloss Release 💄 ☆

And the marketing strategies he’s using leading up to this product release

Jeffree Star has been on a roll with his crazy popular releases from his cosmetics line: @Jeffreestarcosmetics. He first released his Blue Blood Collection on March 29 and then surprised us with his concealer and powder line on April 19. If you thought that was the end of it though, then you are absolutely wrong.

In 2 days time (May 31, 10AM-PST), @JeffreeStar will finally be releasing a line extension of his flagship ☆ product: The Gloss. Since his lip products have traditionally been the most popular of his collections, I am quite certain that the release of his first ever gloss formula will render everyone feeling STARstruck.

Here are 3 things you need to know about what Jeffree is doing prior to his release on Friday:

1. Hype For His New Gloss Formula ☆

@JeffreeStar always breaks the news of his newest releases through social media. While one might think that the crowding of his big releases (3 within 3 months) might water down the impact of this third release, the statistics show that his new product is just as highly anticipated as the rest:

@Jeffreestar’s 2nd quarter audience growth in 2019, provided by Popular Chips

On Instagram, he experiences a 2.91% audience growth, which is the highest he had in the past 3 months.

@JeffreeStar’s YouTube Channel Analysis, provided by Popular Chips

I also took a look at his YouTube account, which has the most amount of followers out of the 3 social media platforms. He has a healthy subscriber growth of 3.82%. Moreover, he has gained over half a million subscribers in a month, which is STARtling. His Lip Gloss reveal video, which was released on 28th May, has already got 4 million views, meaning that more than a quarter of his subscribers watched the video within the last 2 days.

2. #JeffreeStarPRList ☆

After @JeffreeStar posted a series of stories on his Instagram to talk about his upcoming Gloss release, he posted a story where he states that people on his PR list should be receiving their boxes or Thursday or by Friday and then added: ‘By the way, I want to add a bunch of new people to the JSC PR list’ via twitter. He also mentioned that he was looking for smaller influencers as well as personal recommendations from his fans.

Announcement to add more people to his PR List, courtesy of @Jeffreestar

As he used Twitter for his main selection process, the #JeffreeStarPRList became the 3rd trending hashtag in the US, just behind Arsenal and Chelsea:

Trending hashtags on Twitter, courtesy of Trends24
Jeffree announcing his hashtag is 3rd in the US, coutresy of @JeffreeStar

There is even a spillover to Instagram, where there is an influx of people who used #JeffreeStarPRList.

I believe Jeffree has not close applications for his PR List so there will likely be more people who will be tagging him within the next few days.

3. Increased Engagement % ☆

In view of the coming release, @JeffreeStar has been connecting more with his fans, keeping them interested and thus, enticing them to grab his new Lip Gloss. While the PR list campaign aids in increasing his engagement with his audience, he generates anticipation for the release of his Gloss formula and got many people commenting and liking his recent posts.

@JeffreeStar’s 2nd quarter engagement % in 2019, provided by Popular Chips

While we see a slight dip during the month of April, there is an increase in average engagement percentages to 8.11% in May. Being a celebrity influencer with over 13 million followers, @JeffreeStar engages his audience 2.25 times more than the average American influencer in the same tier.

Looking at his brand Instagram account @JeffreeStarCosmetics, his latest posts about his gloss collection is achieving the best engagements:

@JeffreeStarCosmetics top liked and top commented post of May 2019, provided by Popular Chips

Since Engagement Rate is calculated as 100*[(Like+Comments)/Total Followers], higher likes and comments equate to higher engagement (keeping the follower base constant). We see that Jeffree’s post on his ‘The Gloss’ release has the highest amount of likes for the month of May, of 489,727 likes. The post with The Gloss’ packaging has got 5,504 comments, the most for the month of May.

All this talk has got me really excited for the release of The Gloss. I am sure that this will be another fast selling product, thanks to the supernova marketing strategy he is currently employing.

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