iZombie’s season finale – How to keep in touch with the cast on Instagram

and Twitter

I expected the iZombie season finale to be: so kids, this is how The Walking Dead Started. But, actually, it was an incredibly turnover of events and really loved the twist for the new season. While we wait for these terrible months to pass, let’s keep in touch with the cast on Instagram and Twitter.


10. iZombie Official TV Serie Account – thecwizombie

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The gang!! #iZombie

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Backstage, previews and more. Must-follow!

9. Vaughn Du Clark (Max Rager’s boss) – Steven Weber

*SPOILER* oh we all wanted his end


8. Gilda (or Rita whatever) – Leanne Lapp

*SPOILER* She had a very cool meal during this Season finale


7. Chief (big zombie guy with eyepatch) – Andre Tricoteux

He’s gaining a lot of great roles: Deadpool, Warcraft and many TV series. Kudos!

6. Peyton (Liv’s best friend) – Aly Michalka

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#weekendvibes #leica

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Ravi’s crush! *SPOILER* But there’s a huuuge competitor guys!

5. Blaine DeBeers (the ex-bad-guy) – David Anders

Great acting – you got to hate him and love him

4. Major Lilywhite – Robert Buckley

*SPOILER* How could you not hide things better!!! Under the bed, seriously man? However, does anyone else find him so similar to Awesome from Chuck? Especially when Major’s not a Zombie I mean.

3. Clive Babineaux (THE detective)- Malcolm Goodwin

You NEED to pronounce his surname as he answers the phone!

2. Ravi Chakrabarti- Rahul Kohli

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THIS. IS. SEATTLE! #iZOMBIE Photo credit: Corndogninja

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My favorite character on the show. So funny… and he looks very funny in real life too, check out his Instagram!

1. Olivia Moore (Liv)- Rose McIver

Hey, did you remember she was Tinker Bell in Once Upon a Time?

BONUS: my favorite Instagram photo from the Cast of iZombie

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