Introducing Savage x Fenty’s First Celebrity Brand Ambassador

For the first time since @badgalriri launched Savage x Fenty, the brand has come forward with their pioneer ambassador, handpicked by Rihanna herself. Savage is known and loved for the fact that they produce lingerie that everyone can feel sexy in, as well as their diverse representation of real women who are relatable to everyday consumers. 

Who is Normani? 

Some of us might know her as a former member of Fifth Harmony, or their best dancer. Others might know her as a performer at the Savage x Fenty runway show earlier in September, and a bunch of others might have witnessed her iconic homage to Cher on Halloween this year. Indeed, @normani is all these things and more. 

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Her post announcing her collaboration with @savagexfenty is one of her Top Liked posts this year, which means that her audience has responded very well to this collaboration. Furthermore, while their collaboration is still at its early stages, the average engagement rate on her posts tagging Rihanna or the brand is at least 10%. 

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This is slightly higher than her general average engagement of 9.40%, which is already commendable for a celebrity influencer. 

It is 3 times more than the industry average.

What can Normani do for Savage x Fenty? 

1 – Unbiased Ambassadorship 

First off, Normani gives Savage x Fenty a face that isn’t Rihanna. While we love RiRi and her bold ventures into both beauty and fashion have been nothing but exciting, sometimes it is important to distinguish your brand with fresh faces. This allows consumers to hear the brand narrative from different figures and voices, ideally also functions as unbiased points of view. 

For example, in Normani’s first and (so far) only post announcing her ambassadorship, she talks about what she wants from this position and through this partnership. 

I want all individuals to feel empowered and to embrace who they truly are.


What this tells us is that Fenty’s ambassadors are not cookie cutter influencers, nor are they fed certain anecdotes by the brand. Instead, they are encouraged to explore what the brand and the partnership means to them and allow this to inform their creativity, which is a very important part of working with influencers. 

2 – Expose Savage x Fenty to New Audiences 

Contrary to popular (or at least my initial) belief, Normani and Savage x Fenty’s Instagram accounts actually don’t have that many followers in common. Take a look at this audience overlap report:

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This is perfect for Savage x Fenty because by working with Normani, they are effectively exposing their brand to more than 5.1 Million people, which is almost 3 Million more than what they get posting on their own accounts. Considering how ideal Normani appears to be for the brand, and the fact that she was hand-picked by Rihanna, it is safe to assume that a lot of her followers will be hopping on the Fenty bandwagon. 

Working with an influencer who fits your brand image / style but whom, at the same time, does not have many followers in common is a great way to work on brand awareness as well as produce high conversion rates.

3 – A Black Woman Ambassador 

Honestly, as much as Fenty stands for diversity and representation of/for various women, I’m really glad that Rihanna chose their first ambassador in her image. With the underrepresentation of PoC influencers across the beauty & fashion industry, it is amazing that Normani is able to represent Savage x Fenty in such a massive way. She takes centre stage with this ambassadorship and thrusts black women into the limelight, which is something we’ve all waited for. Normani is beautiful, talented, fierce and a perfect voice for the brand. We can’t wait to see what she does for Fenty. 

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Written by Deesha Menon

Influencer Marketing at Popular Chips. Interested in social issues, narratives, books, social media, and machine learning.

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