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What’s the best way to find Social Media Influencers for your campaigns? Marketing Managers usually rely on blog posts for researching them: from “the top bloggers in COUNTRY” to “the best fashion bloggers”, we all have read these articles and used them as starting point for our influencers’ research. And it’s indeed a good starting point, especially if the articles come from authoritative, specialized blogs.

Example blog post
Example blog post

However these articles usually list only the 10 top bloggers, probably the most famous and expensive ones. Another way, especially after having already a couple of names, is to browse through Instagram seeing connections between influencers, brands and influencers etc, navigating it user-like in order find more. Finally, the last step, requires to have a look at the statistics of the newly found influencers: so first of all how many followers they have, how many likes they get in average and for the more careful ones also the quality of the comments.

Great! But all this process can take a couple of days of work and you can’t be sure you actually found the best ones.

As an Agency, we have been having this problem a long time and we solved it today with the release of Popular Chips Recruiter, an all-in-one search engine and comparison tool for Marketing Managers looking to perform a better research in a fraction of the time. With Recruiter, it’s possible to find the best influencers for any country in the world in 2 minutes, comparing their stats at a glance and selecting the real best of the best.

Check out this introductory video to have a better understanding of how it works.

Recruiter is composed by 2 main components: Search & Compare;


You can use the full power of Popular Chips Insights search engine to look for influencers you don’t know about, search them by username or upload a CSV. By using Popular Chips Insights search engine, you will be able to select parameters like: country of origin of the followers, age range, gender of the audience and analytical statistics like number of followers, average likes or interaction rate.

Search Engine - Popular Chips Recruiter
Search Engine – Popular Chips Recruiter



Create unlimited comparison groups and populate them with unlimited influencers. In each comparison group, the platform highlights the best influencer for every metric available, so that you can choose your champion at a glance.

Comparing Singaporean Influencers
Comparing Singaporean Influencers


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Popular Chips Recruiter
Popular Chips Recruiter

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