Introducing Polls: “Stories” are becoming the most interactive feature of Instagram

And we are all loving it

After introducing the “Swipe Up” feature and live comments, Instagram released yesterday (Oct 3) the latest way to interact with Instagram Stories: Polls!

Instagram Stories Poll
Credits: Instagram

This new update, rolling out globally with the new IG version (17), will allow even further engagement with the audience and possible uses are limitless both for brands and influencers.

Just imagine Fashion Bloggers polling their fans on which outfit to choose from a store or a Makeup Artist asking for suggestions on color shades. It’s an endless stream of 2-way communication and engagement.

Brands could test audience response to new products, colors and lines exclusively with their fans and get real-time feedback before even going to market.

For number lovers such as myself, poll results will be available in the IG Story stats panel and will disappear, together with the story, after 24 hours.

Honestly, I can’t wait to see creative applications for this new great engagement medium.

Read the official announcement from Instagram.

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