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Chadd Smith

Today’s appointment with our Influencers’ interviews feature The Robot Chadd Smith. Please find some quick stats about @maddchadd and his full interview just below.

Chadd Smith

Username: @maddchadd
Full Name: Chadd Smith
Country: US, LA
Followers: 135k
Avg. Likes: 4k


Describe your Instagram profile, what you post and why.

My posts are mix of Robot clips, I have a weekly #mechanicalmonday series and I do dance collaborations videos. I also post cloud & sky time lapses, family pictures of my adventures with my 3 year old daughter and wife, jobs that I’m currently working on and #TBT to my favorite past jobs, travels as well as some branded posts.

Did you start with the purpose to make it a job or did it start as a passion that then became a job?

I definitely did not intend to make it a job. That wasn’t even a “job” you could have a few years back. I just started as a way to casually share things I found funny and to have a place to share my dance clips and to connect with my fans.

How long did it take to you to make your first 10,000 followers?

I wasn’t out to gain a strong following, that happened pretty naturally. I think my built in “maddchadd” fanbase found me and that put me past 10k pretty quickly.

What camera/phone do you use to take your pictures?

I use my Sony A7R or RX100 and every once in a while iPhone. I’m a pretty hardcore technophile which extends to my camera gear so yes, for now I recommend this one.

Do you use filters on a regular basis?

who doesn’t love XPro II?! I do most of my editing before uploading though.

What is the post that you published that you like the most or that you are most proud of?

Frosted Mini Wheats and Macy’s are my two favorite collabs to date because both clients just wanted me to dance in public and engage with people. They were basically patrons of my art. This is the dream job, it pushes me creatively and I can take as long as I need to film and edit everything. Here’s an example of an Instagram post an the Youtube Video.





Do you cultivate your Social Media presence in other Networks?

I share on Vine (@maddchadd), Facebook (therealmaddchadd) and I do the most sharing on Snapchat because its so easy and temporary. Snapchat is a good companion when I’m traveling or out in the world. I think it’s the only platform that really shows my sense of humor and what my days are like. Plus my daughter loves to play with the funny face filters (fine, I do too). I do have a twitter @maddchadd but it has taken a back seat to image platforms.

What’s your favorite Social Network and why?

Youtube is where I got started sharing my dance clips but I really enjoy Instagram and I have a lot of fun with Snapchat.

How often do you publish sponsored posts commissioned by brands?

I try to space them out to about one a week max. Luckily a lot of my branded posts have involved my dancing or my relationship with my daughter and those are received very well by my audience. In every post that I do I find something that I personally connect to and those are the only sponsored posts I say yes to. I think this is why I haven’t alienated my audience.

Have you ever accepted to publish a sponsored post for a brand without being paid?

I’ve worked with brands that I’m already a fan of by tagging them in the photo or captions but I haven’t build a campaign style post without monetary compensation. For example, I have a great relationship with Raen sunglasses. They basically send me any sunglasses that I like and I tag them whenever I am wearing them in a post. It is a very informal relationship and it works because both sides see value in it but also aren’t asking much of each other. I would like to do more travel sponsored posts in the future where I travel for free in exchange for posting about it.

What would you suggest to someone who want to be an Instagram Influencer?

I don’t really know how to replicate my exact success because everyone ends up with a different following base. Influencing success depends on whether brands and agencies are interested in your audience. That being said, I’ve given this advice to friends: If you want to be seen as an influencer start doing branded posts for companies that you have a relationship with or just post about brands that you genuinely like. This way if any agencies or brands are checking you out they will know that you are interested in influencer work.
I don’t think it hurts that I am very generous with my tags and I am very serious about quality images but I was really fortunate to have agencies come to me and a wife that really enjoys negotiating on my behalf.

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Many thanks Chadd and good luck!

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