Interview with the Influencer: @riamiranda

Ria Miranda

Today’s appointment with our Influencers’ interviews feature Indonesian Fashion Designer Ria Miranda. Please find some quick stats about @riamiranda and his full interview just below.

Ria Miranda

Username: @riamiranda
Full Name: Ria Miranda
Country: Indonesia
Followers: 450k
Avg. Likes: 1,8k


Describe your Instagram profile, what you post and why.

To give an image of daily life of mother of two who loves fashion, family and anything that comes on pastel and feminie. Because I love pastel colors and soft things.

When did you start your Instagram experience?

Since 2011

Did you start with the purpose to make it a job or did it start as a passion that then became a job?

It starts as passion and only for my visual diary

What camera/phone do you use to take your pictures?

iPhone 6 and Leica X.

What is the post that you published that you like the most or that you are most proud of?

Whenever I post a true moment with kids and family, that are my favorite posts.


What kind of people do you follow on Instagram?

Celebrities and fashion brands. I don’t have specific time, mostly when I’m in bathroom or 10 minutes before sleep.

Have you ever worked with international brands that published a sponsored post in your Instagram feed?

Greentom Stroller, Bugaboo for example they give me the products to be reviewed and post on instagram. Bugaboo even make it wider as international Asia Pacific campaign that introduce influencer mother in AP.

What would you suggest to someone who want to be an Instagram Influencer?

Be your self, give the best shot angle and quality pictures – it’s okay sometimes blured photo but be your self.

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Many thanks Ria Miranda and good luck!

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