Instagram’s Go Live With A Friend

Why brands should use this to their advantage

Two days ago, Instagram released its newest update, “Go Live With a Friend”. The social media platform is now providing its users with the option to live stream with any one of the users who is watching them live. Once added, the guest will share the screen (taking up the bottom half), until they choose to leave, or are booted out.

Image courtesy of Instagram

During the live stream, users can share their screen with as many people as they would like, as long as they do it one at a time. When two users are doing a live together, followers will be able to see two circles stacked one on top of the other on the Stories bar.

Image edited. Original courtesy of Instagram.

Instagram has been testing this feature for awhile now. In its press release, the company billed this new update as a “fun” and “authentic” way to interact with one’s friends and followers, even if one is doing something as mundane as homework.

In our article on Live-Streaming, we talked about three reasons why brands should start using it. If you have already begun, this new update is something that you definitely want to take advantage of.

Original image courtesy of Instagram

Influencer Collaboration

Brands typically hire more than one influencer in their influencer marketing campaign, since each influencer has a limited reach. Do any of the influencers you are hiring have a history of working together? Do you think that any two of them are likely to show good chemistry on screen? Do you know any micro-influencer who would really like to work with a mid-tier influencer? Ask them if they are willing to go live together.

Why go live together?

I. Increase the reach of your campaign

Simply put, two influencers going live together means a larger audience, since followers from both sides are likely to tune in at once. This means a further reach and a greater engagement with your target audience. In marketing, this can only be a good thing.

II. Add that special something

This works in the same way getting a guest star for your show or having someone feature in your music video does. While some followers may not be particularly interested in seeing their influencer live, having seen them do so multiple times before, they might be interested in seeing a fresh face.

If two influencers have a worked together in the past, or are currently working together on a separate project, followers may be looking forward to seeing the two of them together. In the former case, some followers may feel a sense of nostalgia towards seeing the two, since they have not appeared together in some time. In the latter case, followers may want to hear updates on the project. Even though neither of these things are the focus of your live-stream, they are factors that will garner you a larger audience and are likely to make the live-stream you have paid for more engaging and memorable.

III. Working together means sharing the load

If either or both of the influencers are new to live-streaming, having them appear together might help them share the load and help the both of them be more comfortable and therefore, confident. While this seems like something influencers rather than brands need to be concerned about, remember that hiring that influencer for your campaign makes them a representative of your brand and a confident influencer makes for a good impression.

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