INSTAGRAM UPDATES: New Features for #Pridemonth🌈🌈

It’s almost mid-way through pride month and 2 days ago, Instagram has finally made its updates to spice up Stonewall 50! Here are a few changes to Instagram:

1. Rainbow-Ring on Stories

a) Hashtags in Rainbow font = Rainbow ring will appear when you use that hashtag:

b) When using the hashtag on your story, there will be a prompt like this one (in white):

c) A rainbow ring will appear for 24 hours around your avatar while your story is live:

2. Gender Customisation

This is one of the most important updates Instagram has done as users are able to customise their gender, whereas in the past, users were stuck with narrow choices of being male/female or just prefer not to say.

3. Instagram Account’s features on the LGBTQ+ community

Instagram is also dedicating this month to featuring LGBTQ+ artists. They have just done an IGTV ‘episode’ with artist @madroni_redclock and posted it to their account with 302 million followers. This is important as it showcases more of these amazing artists to the biggest following on Instagram and in general, is a great move on Instagram’s part (in my opinion).

What did you think of Instagram’s update this month? Let us know, and stay tuned for more updates coming your way!

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