2 New Instagram Updates: A Fresh Look for Profile Pages and Branded Content Ads

Instagram is constantly at work – testing out new features and launching them every now and then. While not all tested features are eventually implemented, we’ll take a look at two features that have passed the test and made its way to us users in this article.

1) A Fresh Look for Profile Pages

Some of us actually got a glimpse of this update back in 2018 when it was first being tested. However, it was not until a few months back that Instagram finally started rolling this out in phases.

Let’s take a look at the key differences:


There has been some rearranging done…

Instagram now hides the number of posts

On the old version of the profile page, the number of posts is located at the top of the page in bold together with the follower numbers. However, this has completely disappeared from the new profile page design. Users can no longer see how many posts they have.

Is this much of an issue? Maybe, maybe not.


There is less emphasis on the number of followers

What was previously located at the top of the page has now been shifted to the bottom half of the user’s biography. Though still bolded, the font size of the numbers have been greatly reduced, showing Instagram’s clear intention to draw attention away from the number of followers.

There is more emphasis on the user themselves

The user’s name and biography have instead been shifted to the top, making it the first words you likely see when you land on someone’s profile.

This change in Instagram’s profile page layout seems to imply that users should focus more on content and users themselves rather than cold, hard numbers, but will this impact influencers and brands?

2) Branded Content Ads

The second new feature (that was just rolled out yesterday), is the Branded Content Ads.

Since a few years back, Instagram made it possible for brands to advertise on users’ feeds.

However, these images and videos are created by brands themselves and lack authenticity.

What Branded Content Ads offers to brands instead is the ability to turn influencers’ sponsored posts into advertisements that pop up on users’ feed like normal brand advertisements.


This means that users will now see advertisements from influencers and brands that they do not follow. Brands, therefore, have a wider reach than before when it comes to influencer marketing, as users were previously only exposed to certain products based on the influencers they follow.

Additionally, these advertisements may now be perceived as more ‘authentic’, since they are content created and posted by influencers themselves, albeit sponsored.

This is particularly important for brands nowadays as consumers tend to value authentic content more.

As Instagram continues to look into improving their branded content features, word has it that these Branded Content Ads will appear for stories as well in the coming months.

Will this new feature then change the game for micro and macro-influencers, as one big differentiating factor between the two lies in their reach?

These are two pretty interesting and significant changes that have been made to our well-loved app, and we should stay tuned to see what else Instagram has in store for users this year.

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