Instagram Update: You Can Now Share Personal Posts & Stories With Just ‘Close Friends’.

Instagram has recently announced its latest update – ‘Close Friend’, to let users share posts or stories with their selected followers only. The feature was then called ‘Favourite’, was created to allow people to share more personal posts with a selected group that they have chosen.

As the platform continues to grow aggressively, with more than 400 million users posting stories daily, people seek ways to curate the size of their audiences with various methods. While some share posts to a smaller group via Instagram’s private message tool, some resort to “Finstagram” – secondary account followed by closest friends only. In response to the rise of such platform, Instagram finally rolls out this feature to promote private sharing details with smaller groups.

Testing Phase

The Facebook-owned app began its testing over a year ago, starting with a small group of users globally. During its beta testing, the company observed that there was an increasing demand among the users to have more control over their audiences. In addition, there were more users preferred to limit their followers in their stories than in their posts. The resulting feature works more like an exclusive group chat for sharing personal messages that people might not be comfortable sharing with the entire group of audience.

Instagram Stories has become the place to express yourself and share everyday moments, but our community has grown and sometimes what you want to share isn’t for everyone. – Instagram

How to create a “Close Friends” list on Instagram?

To create the list, users can either go to the side menu of their profiles and tap “Close Friends”, or open up the stories camera and tap on “Setting” icon to select “Close Friends”. Unlike Finstagram, close friends can only be added by the account owner manually, followers will not be able to send request to be included in the circle of close friends.

Don’t worry, Instagram doesn’t send out notification to inform followers if they have been added or removed from the close friends group.

Before posting a picture or video, you can share with Close friends list by tapping on the green circle with a white star icon. Once your stories are uploaded, your close friends will be able to see a green ring around your story at the top of the feed.

This signals your friends that you have shared something more personal with them, which stands out more significantly than the standard pink ring.

When you tap on the story, green bar “Close Friends” will be displayed on the top right corner of the story.

Members of close friends won’t be able to see other members in the list as it is only visible to the creator. Hence, followers who do not see the green ring on their feed may simply assume there is no story posted by the accounts, or the post is non-private when it is a pink ring.

As it acts as an exclusive content, you won’t be able to share the close friends stories with others. Alternatively, you can take a screenshot of the close friends story to share with others. In case you wonder, the creator won’t be notified when you take a screenshot of their posts/stories.


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