Instagram stories vs. Snapchat stories

No one can deny that videos produce a stronger engagement than pictures. Videos speak life, character and memories. With that said, it’s amazing how these social media sites can get so creative with their video features. A lifespan of 24 hours, video stories started with snapchat, was later adopted by Instagram, followed by WhatsApp and then Facebook.

When Instagram first launched their stories, everyone mocked it as a copycat of Snapchat. With the exact same characteristics, Instagram stories not only have a lifespan of 24 hours, they have filters and stickers too. To everyone’s surprise, within eight months, Instagram overtook Snapchat.

Currently, Snapchat stories enjoy a total of 190 million users daily. In comparison, Instagram doubles that with more than 400 million people using this attractive feature daily, compared to 150 million one year ago. But how did Instagram surpass Snapchat? Let’s take a look.

  1. Instagram made sure to copy ALL of Snapchat’s features
    These features include our favourite effects, filters, geotags and stickers. Instagram only has 8 filters at a time compared to Snapchat’s 18+ fun and interactive filters. Instagram made sure to imitate the basics of main features that users are familiar with.
  2. Instagram focused on creating BETTER features
    Polls, Selfie stickers, Questions – we love all these features as they creates engagement with our followers and friends. In fact, Instagram stories now has a new feature where you can add music to your stories.

    The most useful feature to marketers on Instagram stories would be the link sharing feature. On snapchat, the best way to share your link would be to share it in your caption. The user will have to remember your link and manually type it into a web browser to access it. Instagram, however, allows you to share your link to your story, where users just need to ‘swipe up’ to access it. It’s success has received as high as 15-25% swipe-through rates.

  3. Instagram has a bigger and wider audience
    As of June 2018, Instagram has 1 billion users while Snapchat has 186 million users, as shown in statista. Instagram’s population is almost five times bigger than Snapchat, and is continuously growing.Statista records that majority of Snapchat users fall between ages 18-34. It also records that 54% of Snapchat users are active users of Instagram as well. This demographic tends to have the lowest brand loyalty and generally follow trends quickly.
  4. Improved discoverability
    On Snapchat, it is almost impossible to get people to notice you if you aren’t already a celebrity. In order to search someone up, you will need the exact username or QR code of the account. However, on Instagram, all you have to do is search up a keyword and the app will suggest accounts to you. In fact, Instagram even takes the step further to suggest accounts that they think you might like, based on your existing followings.
  5. Better marketing opportunities
    Adding on Instagram’s URL sharing and better discoverability, it also offers data for your account to grow. They offer targeted ads while Snapchat’s ad offers are only through third party sources.
  6. 2 in 1!
    Instagram didn’t just copy Snapchat, in fact, they innovated it with better functions, audiences, and convenience! Instagram has both a feed and stories, doesn’t that make life so much easier?

Early this year, Instagram launched their new video feature known as IGTV. Is it time for YouTube to be worried?

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