Instagram Secret Test Features!

Regram, GIFS, IG stories over 24 hours and many more!

Instagram is really trying to make us hooked on to it. Recently, they have released a couple of new features that many of us (brands and users) have been yearning for – shoppable posts, paid partnership tags, guests in Instagram live and many more!

What else could be on your wishlist for Instagram’s next update? 

Today, there has been information on a range of new features that Instagram is currently testing and we are going to share some of the key highlights here! Instagram is known to test their new features with a selected group of audience before releasing to all, while no one can guarantee if everything listed here will be coming onboard but we’re sure at least a couple will go live!


The Next Web

Probably the most highly anticipated of the lot, Instagram is finally hearing all our #Repost #Regram calls and testing the inbuilt regram feature! With over 15 million #Regram and 289 million #Repost hashtags, users are definitely in need of this. While it is has been possible to share an IG post with friends directly now, having the ability to regram onto one’s own feed is going to be a game-changing experience.

For both, this would mean greater exposure to their Instagram content. We would see the growth of not only current top celebrities and influencers but also up and coming micro/niche influencers. Regram would allow these small influencers to potentially overcome one of their greatest challenges – getting their content noticed and shared around.

For brands, think about incredible increment of brand exposure and awareness. The new possibility of being able to use regram to spread contest, giveaways, and specially curated influencer content.


Exactly like how it sounds – the test feature allows users to search for and add GIFs to their IG stories and regular posts. In the test video by TheNextWeb above, we saw the option for an IG story which says “Highlight to keep on your profile longer than 24 hours”. That’s something new here!

More room for creativity! With the ever-rising popularity of IG stories, it is now more than just sharing the moments in life (remember Snapchat?), it is now an additional platform for influencers and brands to create creative and relevant content.



IG story is so easy to use that we often find ourselves opening it and capturing little snippets of our daily life more often than intended. Sometimes, the best moments turn out to be those that we caught unplanned throughout the day but IG story only lasts for 24 hours. If we forget to save the videos, nothing can be done to recover the stories.

Now, Instagram is testing the feature that allows users to archive their stories without having to save individual videos manually.

Influencers and brands love their IG stories – it could be snippets of exclusive behind the scenes, travel vlog, surprise party moments or random rants about daily life. We’re not sure if archiving the stories will allow users to download or reshare later but if these are possible, influencers and brands can then capture and document them on their Instagram feed for those who may have missed.


What do you think about these features? Would you want them to come live? Find out more about the other features here!

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