Instagram Prioritizes Newer Posts Once More

Instagram’s most recent update has made some changes to the way our feeds appear. Users, brands and influencers alike, will be glad to know that newer posts are now more likely to appear on top. Given that non-chronological post order, which can greatly affect engagement, has been one of users’ biggest gripes on Instagram, this seems to be a step in the right direction.

According to Instagram, this change will ensure that our feeds “feel more fresh” and that we “won’t miss the moments [we] care about”. That said, we should note that Instagram has not reverted to the chronological feed, and has merely made changes to the algorithm to prioritize newer posts to a greater extent than before. The Facebook-owned social media company has not shared the extent to which new posts will appear over ones that have received high engagement or ones from accounts the author has had a history of interacting with.

Instagram also announced, at the same time, that instead of refreshing a user’s feed whenever the user leaves the app, it will be introducing a “New Posts” button, which users can tap when they wish to have their feed refreshed. This gives users greater control over what they see on their feed and allows them to continue browsing from where they have left off.

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