Instagram News Roundup – 4 September 2017

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It’s not easy to keep up-to-date with the ever-rolling release of new features or news surrounding the Instagram universe. So here’s a quick summary for those of you who might have missed an update or two


Instagram Stories are available via Web


No need for browser extensions anymore: you’ll be able to watch IG Stories directly from your browser, without the need to open the mobile App. Instagram is moving beyond mobile apps and, after introducing the possibility to post via Mobile Web, now Stories are available from your Desktop/Laptop as well

Why is this Important?

Stories are becoming a major trend for Influencer Marketing. Business/Verified accounts can add the “swipe up” link, making them the perfect conversion-friendly medium. Now each Influencer will be able to attract even more views/engagement, reaching out to Desktop and Laptop users.


Instagram got hacked

A bug allowed hackers to get private contact information (not the public ones) mostly for Verified and Business accounts. Luckily no password leak was involved, but some sources reveal that almost 6M accounts have been compromised.


Albums support portrait and landscape pics

The square-only Instagram that we aficionados remember is slowly leaving space to a full world of portraits and landscapes. Albums have been updated to allow upload of “irregular” photos. The only catch? An album supports only 1 format, so you need to choose before: landscape, square or portrait?


Looks like that Verified Badge is for sale after all.

The recent Mashable exposè on the Instagram Verified Badge has shocked a lot of people. Especially those who’ve been waiting near their phone for 2 years for a call they never got. Any influencer wants the verified badge, there’s no doubt. And getting to know that you can actually pay for that ( “The fee is anywhere from a bottle of wine to $15,000” ) makes everyone a bit angry. Or desperately searching for those sellers, it depends.

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