Instagram Live Takeovers!

How makeup brands have used Instagram live in their influencer marketing strategy

Instagram has rolled out several new features to its live-streaming lately, and we at Popular Chips have been encouraging you to put this service to good use. Today, we are going to introduce a new way in which make-up and beauty brands and influencers can collaborate with each other using Instagram Live–takeovers.

What is a takeover?

A takeover is not a concept unique to Instagram Live, or to Instagram for that matter. It happens when an influencer or a celebrity is given access to a business’s official account for a period of time, lasting anywhere from a few minutes to an entire week. This can happen through a variety of social media platforms. A few years ago, for an example, it was quite common for businesses to allow their Twitter handles to be taken over by celebrities, sometimes during special events and other times for the purposes of Q&A.

Screen shot courtesy of Awesomely Luvvie.

Chace Crawford, for an example, took over Glamour Magazine’s Twitter handle in 2012 to talk about Gossip Girl’s Season 6 finale and his then-new movie, What to Expect When You’re Expecting. David Beckham also took over H&M’s Twitter handle in 2013 to coincide with the launch of his David Beckham for H&M Bodywear collection.

Several influencers, especially those in the beauty industry, have also done Snapchat takeover. Here is Julia Salvia in her takeover of Live Glam Co’s Snapchat account.

As Instagram is arguably the most popular social media platform for influencers these days, it is Instagram where most of the action takes place. And what better way to hold a one-time, temporary event than to do it through Instagram Live, where content disappears from the platform after 24 hours and where viewers can ask questions, give comments and show their appreciation for the event and its participants (through liking), all in one place.

Shortly before the takeover happens, influencers can promote the brand through their own Instagram account, encouraging their followers to watch the live broadcast and to follow the brand as well. Those who are following the brand and who see the live broadcast may also decide to follow the influencer if they like her work.

So what happens during a takeover?

For beauty brands in particular, Instagram Live takeovers usually happen for the following reasons:

  1. The brand is holding an event and wants to show what it is like from the influencer’s point of view.
  2. The brand wants to showcase their new product(s).
  3. The brand wants to show the audience a look that can be made with their product(s).
  4. The brand wants to promote their platform or account with the influencer’s help.

Here is an examples of a brand that wishes to showcase a look that can be made with their products.

Last Night live MakeOver On @makeupdollcosmetics insta Showing her Eyeshadow , highlighter and lippie ?

A post shared by Jodisha Holder (@onpointbeauty_jay) on

In the above post, beauty influencer and make-up artist @onpointbeauty_jay introduces the look that she created with @makeupdollcosmetics. The hour-long process taken to create the entire look was shown on @makeupdollcosmetics’s Instagram Live. Although the original video is no longer on Instagram, the makeup brand has taken a screen video of the event and posted it on their YouTube account in two parts.

The purpose of this broadcast was to introduce a look that can be created with four of the brand’s products:

  1. Eyebrow Cream
  2. Eye Primer
  3. Eyeshadow (in Harp)
  4. Lipstick (in Caribbean Kisses)

In this case, as the influencer, Jodisha Holder, is a makeup artist, she creates the look on another person’s face. In some cases, the influencer may choose to present the brand’s product on their own face instead.

Here is @soheilaonline, a lifestyle blogger and social media influencer, doing her own makeup in a takeover of @sheblogscanada, a small-scale Canadian lifestyle website and blogger network. In this case, Soheila is not promoting the make-up brands that she features during the live broadcast but is showing us what she would to to get ready for some of the events happening in Toronto soon.

Taking a look at the statistics, it is clear that Soheila has a significantly larger following than @sheblogscanada. Soheila’s takeover of the @sheblogscanada account on Instagram live serves to promote the account since her followers may choose to follow the account after they have seen her on it.

This can work the same way for brands who are just starting out. If you are able to find an influencer with a larger following than yours who is willing to work for you or your cause, a collaboration might be the best way for you to get those extra few followers.

Not convinced yet?

If you are still hesitant about doing a Live takeover, consider starting with a Stories takeover instead. Unlike a Live takeover, where your brand either has to host the takeover, share the screen with your influencer using the ‘go live with a friend‘ option, or give your influencer the login details of your brand’s Instagram account, you can invite an influencer to take over your Stories instead.

Harper’s Bazaar’s Instagram Stories taken over by Jaime King during the Dior Cruise show; image courtesy of Social Media Examiner.

Although the use of the word “takeover” might require a stretch of the imagination here, a Stories takeover simply involves inviting the influencer to send your brand a few videos or photos which you can then post on your Stories. This allows the takeover session to retain the casual element that Live incorporates, but does not require the influencer to be perfect and responsive throughout the entire duration of the takeover.

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