Instagram Hacks for E-commerce

As of June 2018, it was announced that Instagram officially has 1 billion active users per month, worldwide. With this number steadily increasing everyday, the active social site has also developed into a useful e-commerce platform. Instagram has welcomed advertising with targeted campaign functions at like-minded viewers with specific interests and brands are embracing these functions as a marketing strategy to boost their businesses. If you happen to be looking for fresh ideas for your new campaign, why not try Instagram? Before you get started, here are a few simple hacks that could help your ad stand out!

Minimalist typography

As photo sharing site, Instagram is naturally swarmed with images everyday. This is why when you see a design consisting of just words, it will definitely capture your attention. Something simple, bold and eye-catching, just like the London Ad below.

Embrace the zoom function

Play with sizing! Add a very small word or picture to your image ad and get interactive with your viewers by getting them to zoom in to view it. A great example would be noosayoghurt’s post in September.

Re-market to shoppers that “abandon cart”

The purpose of re-marketing is to grasp the attention of shoppers who had left your site without purchasing anything, and eventually getting them to revisit your site. The product ad allows convenient access to the website and product, further enticing the shopper to re look what was originally scraped out of mind, and to reconsider the product.

Carosel ads

This feature is great for showcasing variety, or simply getting your viewers hooked to see the whole image. Many advertisers use these to show their series of products, altering captions for each image. Instagrammers are invited to flip the images to see which product suits their personality best. Advertisers also like playing with the idea of not revealing everything. They capture a long image, cut them into parts, leaving the first image as the cover. Interested viewers will have to flip the carosel ad to view the whole thing. This subtle hook taps on the attention and engagement of their audience. Sounds like fun!

Lifestyle photography

The most effective ads are the ads that don’t look like ads. Viewers need to feel a connection with the ad before they can be engaged. Many advertisements use wild and unrealistic images and videos that are completely out of sync with their target audience’s everyday life. The more people sense your “desperation” to sell them your product, the more they will avoid it.
Try capturing your own authentic images from everyday life.

And with all that, I think you’re good to go!! As the most modern digital platform of social advertising, Instagram is always improving and developing new features to help boost businesses. Who knows what new features might come out next month?

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