Instagram Giveaways! Does it Really Work?

What is a giveaway? Below is a perfect example of a giveaway 😀

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On Instagram, we often see influencers promoting products and sharing their constantly updating favourites. At times, they just look like another advertisement you will never bother to click on the right side of your facebook page.

Collaborating with influencers for giveaways may just be the next step for your brand’s influencer marketing scene. To answer my question in the article’s title, of course it works! It encourages social sharing and engagement, the ideal formula for brand awareness and market growth.

Let the statistics do the talking!

Lily Marson (458K Follower) collaborated with Theragun for a giveaway campaign on July’18. The post remains to be her most commented post of all time with 2.6K comments. This collaboration is a win-win for both Lily and Theragun.


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Some may argue that through giveaways, followers gained may not be authentic. They are only following for the sake of giveaways. However, that may be a sweeping statement. The authenticity of the followers that are brought over by influencers to brands all depends on the interest of the followers. That all comes down to how brands choose the different influencers to work with. To read more about that you can click here.

Majority of the time, influencers and their followers have similar interests, thus the following. Getting beauty influencers’ followers to follow another beauty brand is not gaining inauthentic followers, but building brand affinity.

To think of it, when the influencers’ followers participate in giveaways, they would usually be requested to follow brands’ accounts. That gives the chance for followers to look at the brand’s profile page. Viewing of the brand’s profile would instill deeper impressions in their minds. That is worth more than a mere impression on the feed page.

Fashion influencer Lian Galliard (214K Followers) teamed up with @justicedenim for a free skinny jeans giveaway. In less than 7 hours, the post gathered 14K likes and 239 comments 🙂


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Following the changes to Instagram’s feed, engagement is more important than ever for the success of content. Posts that are “Hot” has a higher chance of appearing at home feed and explore page. By gaining traction in engagement allows the post to gain better reach. 

With all that said, be innovative, be creative. If our influencer marketing campaign is just going to look like any other advertisements we see in the magazines, what is the point? 

Its almost Christmas, what are you waiting for?

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