Instagram Comments: How to Filter or Block Insulting, Racist and Bullying Comments

Like any social media website, Instagram has also been used as a tool for cyber-bullying.

Now, Instagram has three options to counter these problems as much as possible. Firstly, Instagram allows you to limit commenting to a certain group of Instagram accounts. Secondly, you can block commenting from certain users and lastly, the app can help you to automatically filter offensive comments. Allow me to walk you through these features.

These features can be found under settings > privacy and security.


Limiting comments to classified groups

  1. UnderSettings, click on Comment Controls.

  2. Click on Allow Comments From. You may limit your commenters to the options below.

Blocking users from commenting
This can be done for stronger account security.

  1. Under Comment Controls, click on Block Comments From.
  2. Search the usernames of accounts you wish to block comments from.

Offensive comments filter

  1. Under Comment Controls, tap next to Hide Offensive Comments to turn it on.

You may also wish to block our specific content from your comments by using the manual filter.

  1. Tap next to Manual Filter to turn it on.
  2. Enter words, phrases, numbers or emojis in the text box that you wish to filter out. You may use Default Keywords or Custom Keywords to help you. Do note that Default Keywords only supports certain languages.

Keep in mind that when comment filtering is turned on, it will be applied to both new and existing comments on your posts. When this is switched off, all filtered comments on your posts will be restored.




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