Instagram Adds Voice Messages And Video Calls To Your DMs.

Instagram rolled out “walkie-talkie” feature globally this week, and video call to its Direct Messaging tool, similar to the one its parent company Facebook, and fellow Whatsapp adapted to.

Looks like you can now slide into someone’s DM with voice messages

Instagram is a little slow in the game with voice messaging and video call features, today’s addition may be welcomed by users as voice notes are becoming preferred method on communication platforms like WeChat, WhatsApp and Telegram.

Top right: Video Call. Microphone Icon: Voice Record.

Users can hold down the microphone button to record their voice messages, and it will be sent to the recipients automatically once they release the button. You can also swipe up to the lock symbol to record without needing to hold down the button, or swipe left to cancel. 

If you want to re-record, you can slide your finger over to send the recording to trash. Unlike Instagram stories, the audio messages are up to one minute long, and not self-destructive as it will remain listenable in the inbox permanently.  

To video call, go to the individual recipient or group that you want to call, tap on the video recorder icon and that’s it! 

Video calling my lovely colleague Neysa, via Instagram.

And it doesn’t stop here!

Not only you can have a group video call on Instagram, you can also minimize the call into a Picture-In-Picture mode, which allows you to keep the video going while you continue to scroll through Instagram.

The calls are displayed in a split screen format, allowing you to see yourself and the receiver of the call. You could also just call each other with the video off and even do group calls. 

These updates transformed Instagram into one-stop app from sharing pictures, contents, stories, shopping to communication. 

Perhaps, we would be able to leave voice notes in the comment section soon? 

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