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Following our previous introduction to the World’s Favorite Airport and its social media marketing tips, we will be looking at the upcoming Terminal 4 in this article today!

To cater to Changi Airport’s growing traffic, the decision to build Terminal 4 on the plot of land that was previously occupied by the Budget Terminal was first announced in 2012. The groundbreaking ceremony took place in 2013 and it offered everyone a glimpse into what the terminal will be offering to travelers around the world – world class airport experience and technological innovations (fast and seamless travel (FAST) initiatives).

The new Terminal will be open to the public for the first time during its Open House from August 7 – 20 but tickets booking has been closed now. There was an overwhelming response for the open house tickets where all 75,000 free tickets for weekend and National Day slots were snapped up within 24 hours of registration (Straits Times).

For those of us who did not manage to get the tickets, lets have a sneak preview on the key features to look out for at Terminal 4 below (We made use of Popular Chips’ social listening tool to seek out the top liked posts using the official hashtag #changit4).

Immersive wall

The immersive wall is a 70m by 5m LED display that showcases Singapore’s skyline and Changi’s connectivity to ASEAN destinations. It is located at the Centralised Security Screening area of the terminal which is bound to keep passengers entertained as they wait in line for security screening.

Heritage facade

One of the main highlights of Terminal 4, the inspiration behind this Heritage Zone are the Peranakan shophouses nestled around Singapore. Familiar and traditional household brands like Bee Cheng Hiang, Bengawan Solo and Heavenly Wang are featured, coupled with heritage-themed facades and furnishings, visitors are bound to feel a strong sense of nostalgia.

Peranakan Love story

The heritage facade also includes a 10m x 6m LED screen that transform into a digital theatre stage that presents a six minute cultural show called the Peranakan Love Story. This piece is developed in collaboration with Singaporean artiste and composer Dick Lee and features veteran acting casts such as Adrian Pang, Amy Cheng and Benjamin Kheng.

Petal Clouds

The centerpiece of Terminal 4 is a unique combination of art and technology, creating Petalclouds, a grand-scale kinetic sculpture. It will be the highlight of the Terminal with its synchronised movement to animated lighting and music. The moving sculpture is created by the same people (Art+Com) behind the Kinetic Rain display at Terminal 3. One of the creator, @olafurarnalds has also shared a video of the captivating movement of PetalClouds. Read up more about this art piece here.

Automated Housekeeper

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Changi Airport’s emphasis on innovation and productivity has seen numerous technology integrated into the new Terminal 4 such as Fast and Seamless Travel (FAST) a suite of self-service options for departing passengers – automated check in, bag drop, immigration, boarding and security screening. In the area of airport operations and maintenance, Terminal 4 has introduced an automated housekeeper that takes up the role of keeping the terminal clean in the most adorable and efficient manner.

Here are some other amazing spots that visitors found during the open house last weekend!

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