Inside the Campaign: #FamousStar, Carl’s Junior

Unveil With Popular Chips: #FamousStar, Carl’s Junior


In hopes of reaching younger consumers and growing their social media presence, my favourite fast food chain Carl’s Jr teamed up with Celeste Barber, Ashlee Simpson Ross and many micro influencers for their new campaign “Famous Stars”. The Famous Star burger has been around for as long as I remember. This beef burger or any other beef burger from Carl’s Jr will always get a YES from me!


The two major influencers involved in this campaign are Celeste Barber (5M Followers) and Ashlee Simpson Ross (798K Followers). Celeste gained popularity in 2015 when she started #celestechallengeaccepted where she does parodies of celebrity photos. Here’s the catch, these parodies are done in the context of reality and honesty. Not sure of what I mean? check out her most liked post of all time below.


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Come through girl. Sound on #celestechallengeaccepted #celestebarber #funny @underground_nyc @kyliesheaxo

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For this campaign with Carl’s Jr, Celeste strikes again with her parody of Ashlee posting alongside the Famous Star Burger.

It is pretty smart of Carl’s Jr to team up with Celeste as she is one of the fastest growing comedic influencers on Instagram. Her Instagram account has experienced crazy growth in followers since the start of her career. It is still growing as we speak, showing no signs of plateauing. It is pretty rare for influencer her size (5M) to have a constant growth of 4% monthly.

Screenshot from Popular Chips Platform
Screenshot from Popular Chips Platform

Celeste has a pretty young follower demographics, with 59% of her follower within the age of 35 to 14. This is the ideal target demographic for Carl’s Jr.









Other than Instagram posts, Celeste and Carl’s Jr made a series of video advertisements together where Celeste is seen performing everyday activities like washing the car while enjoying the irresistible Famous Star Burger. These videos will be airing across different networks and cable TV in the US.


For the performance of the campaign, I used the Popular Chips platform to track it. The campaign is yet finished but as of now, statistics are agreeing with the Famous Star Burger. This is especially true for the performance of Micro Influencers involved in the campaign. Majority of the sponsored posts by Micro Influencers performed better than the average of the influencer’s posts in the last 3 months. This is shown in the screenshot below in green, indicating the above average performances.


Screenshot from Popular Chips Platform

I like how the Famous Star campaign has a dual focus, one on Celebrity big names to increase awareness and another on Micro Influencers with followers below 50K Followers to increase social tractions and engagements. Now, I’ll drive to the nearest Carl’s Jr and grab myself a Famous Star.

Disclaimer: This article is written solely based on my love for Carl’s Jr’s beef burgers. #NotSponsored

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