Influencer Marketing Trends of 2019

The world of marketing is filled with unpredictability and constant changes. With new KPIs set for the new year, it’s also about time to discover some new strategies for 2019.

  1. A Push towards Micro or Nano Influencers

    Brands had previously relied heavily on celebrities to market their products. With the power of social media, these influencer celebrities were the tool to convince buyers. However, consumers are now leaning to their peers.
    “Real” people, who are customers themselves, are seen as more authentic, and have reflected a higher engagement rates with larger audience sizes. Moving into 2019, you might want to focus on micro or nano influencers, and you might just see a better response rate this year.

  2. Rise of IGTV

    Unlike Youtube, IGTV is dedicated to vertical videos, mainly targeted at mobile users. After Instagram hit 1 billion users this year, users were expecting a sharing platform with more than the 15 second video limit.
    To get started, an important key would be to identify the main message you want to bring across to your audience. Keep in mind that this can be used as an interactive platform with your audience, and use this to your business’s advantage by conducting Q&As or tutorials.

  3. Influencer Entrepreneurs

    American reality television personality, model and social media personality, Kylie Jenner, is on her way to becoming the youngest ever self made billionaire at the age of 21 years old. She owns her own cosmetic company, initially known as Lip Kit by Kylie, but renamed to Kylie Comestics. In 2018, according to Forbes, she was worth a total of $900 million – this is not including her earnings from TV programs and product endorsements.

    Ever since Kylie Jenner’s huge success, inspired instagrammers will venture towards exploring businesses of their own. With their existing reach and social media successes, influencers will start creating their own brands, using their social media platforms as a strategy to harness their business.

  4. Increasing video content

    With the introduction of Stories, Live videos, and now, IGTV, social media users can expect a lot more online video content from influencers. Influencers are also enjoying these features of sharing live updates with their followers about their everyday life. Cisco has projected that more than 82% of online traffic will be from videos in 2022.

  5. The increasing concern of influencer fraud

    In 2018, follower fraud became a huge concern – many big companies pledged not to work with influencers with a fake following and social media platforms spent the year purging out fake accounts. Companies are now looking at statistics like cost per engagement before investing in an influencer. Find out more about influencer fraud here.
    The popular chips platform is a useful tool for such! Not only can you check an influencer’s engagement and active followers before collaboration, the LIVE REPORTS section allows you to track the influencer’s returns.

Marketing is becoming increasingly complex, no one can be certain about the new trends that are to come. With that in mind, we can only look back at the past and anticipate with what’s to come!

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