Influencer Interview with Fashion Icon and Travel Blogger @willamazing

Today, we are back with another instalment of our Popular Chips Influencer Interviews. This time, we had the most wonderful opportunity to interview Fashion Icon and Travel Blogger Willabelle Ong!

Willabelle is one of Singapore’s most popular influencers and blogger. On her blog Pale Division, she shares articles on topics like Beauty, Fashion and Travel etc. Her Instagram then features a carefully curated feed of her travels, brand collaborations and of course, her amazing sense of fashion.

You can find some info and statistics about @willamazing below.

Username: @willamazing

Full Name: Willabelle Ong

Country: Singapore 🇸🇬 

Followers: 154.3k

Avg. Likes: 4,286

Avg. Video Views: 20,279

We then asked her 10 simple questions pertaining to her fashion, travels and most importantly, life as an influencer

Let’s begin ✨

Who Is Your Style Icon / What Is Your Style Inspiration?

I don’t necessarily follow anyone closely but I’ve always admired Anna Dello Russo’s intricate style and her larger-than-life personality.

Honestly, I mainly get my inspiration from the people I meet and places I’ve travelled to. In Tokyo, for example, I feel more expressive and want to bust out all the bright shades in my wardrobe, whereas in Paris I enjoy the minimal aesthetic and prefer sticking to neutral tones with a dash of colour.

Ginza, Tokyo

Palais-Royal, Paris

What Is One of Your Wardrobe Essentials?

I always believe a blazer is the best way to pull a look together. Whether you’re trying to rock a plain T-shirt or a cocktail dress, the blazer will make it work.

The Makeup Item You Cannot Live Without

Concealer – it can disguise dark spots and instantly brighten up your eyes by hiding dark circles. Definitely a must-have!

Your Top 3 Travel Destinations

#1: Iceland is an otherworldly place that I’ve recently touched base on in a blog post. Everything you think you can imagine about Iceland, throw it out the window.

#2: Germany, but only in winter because of its snowcapped castles (e.g. Neuschwanstein Castle) and frozen lakes. It’s like winter wonderland!

#3: South of France during the peak of its lavender season, because nothing is more calming than the sight and smell of lavender.

Your Favourite TV Series Of The Moment

I’m currently finishing up The Handmaid’s Tale season 3, but my all-time favourites are Game of Thrones and Hannibal.

IMDb [The Handmaid’s Tale, GOT, Hannibal]

Best Moment Or Collaboration In Your Influencer Career?

There’s honestly been so many wonderful moments and incredible collaborations that I keep close to my heart, for example, my recent trip with Louis Vuitton, being featured by Apple and Hollywood actress and singer Vanessa Hudgens, meeting and interviewing Wonder Woman’s Gal Gadot, etc.

Life is truly a whirlwind of many opportunities.

When Did You Start Being Serious About Becoming A Full-time Influencer?

I never went into this whole thing with the goal of making a career out of it. It started when I was still in university (I actually studied journalism and marketing hoping to go into print media one day) and on the side I was experimenting with fashion, heavily influenced by watching my mother dress up and through magazines and websites. I decided to share my outfits on my blog and on a styling platform – and one day I received an email from Material Girl (Madonna and her daughter’s brand). They sent me a bunch of clothes and I got my friend to shoot it. I remember it being such a cool opportunity then as I was only 16 and this was during the early phases of social media. 

Things played out from there, for example, I started growing my audience and accepting partnerships. Vanessa Hudgens, one of my childhood idols, also once shouted me out on Twitter and on her own blog, and that’s where it kind of hit me: social media is bigger than what we think we know.

Can’t get enough of Willabelle’s Pale Division. Super inspirational and rad.

Vanessa Hudgens

Which App Or Software Do You Use For Editing Your IG Posts?

Most of the time, I edit on-the-go and phone apps like Snapseed, VSCO and UNUM are very useful for me.

What Do You Do To Make You Feel Better When You’ve Had a Bad Day or Feel Down?

I love taking a warm bath (with some help from my essential oil diffuser), and I find that reading and painting in the comfort of my own home also help take my mind off the negativity.

1 Thing People Would Never Guess About You

I eat more junk food than my husband, haha!


And lastly, some words for your fans and our readers out there who aspire to be an influencer like you!

Be patient, authentic and build trust. Also, the Instagram algorithm changes all the time, so it helps if you engage with your audience through posts, stories, videos, replying comments and messages, etc. The more active you are, the more Instagram acknowledges you.


With that, our interview segment with this stylish queen Willabelle Ong has come to an end ☹ An enormous thanks to Willabelle for taking her time out to do this interview, and also to her team for making this interview possible!

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