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Anna Petry

Welcome back to our Influencers Interview series. Today we are in company of NC State University Cheerleader, Cheer Athletics Alumni Rebel Athletic Model HHS and 3 times state champion Anna Petry. Please find some quick stats about @annapey and her full interview just below.


Username: @annapey
Country: US
Followers: 129k
Avg. Likes: 2,500


Describe your Instagram profile, what you post and why.

My Instagram profile consists mostly of just my journey in my cheer career. Almost all of my followers are cheerleaders or they want to be, so I post for them about my competitions and tryouts and also give them tips to improve themselves. I see my page as something they can use for inspiration.

When did you start your Instagram experience?

I began my Instagram experience about 4 years ago.

Did you start with the purpose to make it into a job or did it start as a passion that became a job?

I never dreamed of even having 1,000 followers until a year of having my account. Once I got to 10K I realized I could get something in exchange for my hard work, and from there I understood it could actually be my job. In the beginning, until I reached 50k followers, I mostly worked with small cheer bow companies.

How long did it take you to make your first 10,000 followers? Was it a difficult process?

After a year of having my account I realized I wanted to gain followers so I began doing lots of SFS (Shoutout for shoutout) with other cheer accounts to get to 10K and it took almost a year to get from 230 followers to 10K.

What camera/phone do you use to take your pictures?

I use my iPhone 6 for all of my pictures because it’s easy to use and the pictures are right there when I need them. I also do all my editing on my phone so it’s just easier than having a camera and having to download them onto a computer. Some of my other pictures are taken by photographer at photo shoots and I get those from his website and I screenshot then post on my account.

Do you use filters on a regular basis?

I use a filter on almost every picture but I never use the full effect of it. I like to mix filters together at 25% of their effect to get a cool unique filter of my own. On Instagram I like Valencia and Skyline. I also like to edit the contrast and shadows of my pictures to get the quality I want.


Have you ever collaborated with other influencers?

I have collaborated with other well known cheerleaders to show off their skills and help them gain followers.

11. What kind of people do you follow on Instagram? Celebrities, Brands, other influencers, fans?

I don’t really follow any celebrities on Instagram because I follow back a lot of fans. With that being said I don’t go through my news-feed that much otherwise I’d just see random people. If I want to look at a friend’s page I just go and search for it. I also made a private account where I only follow friends and companies I work with so I can keep up.

Is there an Instagram Influencer/celebrity in particular that you appreciate and would like to mention?

No one in particular is coming into mind but I love when I come across bright vibrant pages that aren’t just full of shout outs. I also like to see the account interact with its followers like I do. It annoys me when an account has less than 100K and a picture may only get 20 comments and they never comment back. I have 130K and I try my best to comment back to everyone!

Have you ever worked with international brands that published a sponsored post in your Instagram feed? If so, can you please make some example and tell us your experience?

I have worked with Lokai and Hollister to post about products and their campaigns.

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How often do you publish sponsored posts commissioned by brands? How do you think your audience reacts to sponsored posts

I try to spread out my sponsored posts by doing them every other week but for I get a lot of packages that week sometimes I do one to two a week. I try to make the pictures look organic and go with my feed.

Have you ever accepted to publish a sponsored post for a brand without being paid? If so, please describe your experience.

Yes when I first started doing promotions I used to do just free products for a post. I also worked with Hollister to promote their anti-bullying campaign without being paid because it was for a good cause. But now I don’t like to work with a brand unless I’m being paid fairly. Nowadays many companies are taking advantage of people on social media by not paying them, or only sending a few free products or by paying them close to nothing. When in reality social media marketing plays a large part in sales. Most companies do not pay their promoters enough.

Have you ever bought followers or likes?

No. I think that takes away from the whole purpose of social media. I post what my followers like to gain followers organically and then I see what pictures do well on likes and post more like that. Buying followers and likes is usually obvious to most companies and they don’t want to work with you if you do that.

What would you suggest to someone who wants to be an Instagram Influencer?

Be 100% you. Don’t try to create a false identity or else it will pressure on you to live up to it. Be honest with yourself and your followers and people will be attracted to that honesty and organic vibe. It’s good to have followers that support you and your values and you can make awesome friends by just being yourself. Also try to do SFS with people that have the same amount of followers as you to start off and be on public so others can view your page!

What do you think about the recent changes to Instagram feed and the relevance that Videos are assuming?

I like it and feel as if it allows for more creativity by allowing the videos to be longer so that people can showcase their full talent instead of limiting it. It also makes the feed more interesting and engaging.

A personal comment from Anna Petry

Having a lot of followers on Instagram can teach you many incredible things and it brings awesome opportunities. But along with that, it can either come a lot of confidence or a lot of self doubt. Just always remember that your followers follow you for a reason. You don’t have to live up to anyone’s expectations because they already think you are perfect and awesome and that’s why they follow you! But at the same time don’t get cocky. Remember that you started from nothing, and that you should be thankful for everything it has gotten you!!

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Many thanks Anna for taking the time for our interview and good luck!

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