Influencer Interview: @_danielleruiz

Danielle Ruiz

Welcome to a new appointment with Popular Chips’ Influencers interviews. Today we are in the company of the beautiful and talented Danielle Ruiz, a TV Host and Model based in Los Angeles. Please find some quick stats about @_danielleruiz and her full interview just below.

Danielle Ruiz

Username: @_danielleruiz
Full Name: Danielle Ruiz
Country: US
Followers: 141k
Avg. Likes: 800


Describe your Instagram profile, what you post and why.

A lot of swimwear photos and work photo shoots. I travel a lot for work as well, so you might catch a glimpse of me in South Africa, Haiti even Jamaica.

Did you start with the purpose to make it into a job or did it start as a passion that became a job?

It was a passion that turned into more.

How long did it take to you to make your first 10,000 followers? Was it a difficult process?

No, it kinda of just happened!

What kind of people do you follow on Instagram? Celebrities, Brands, other influencers, fans?

I follow friends, swimsuit companies and makeup artists… maybe a few hot guy babes in there 😉
I don’t spend time going on a page unless they come up on my feed. That would take up so much time. I have my own social media to take care of.

Danielle Ruiz

How often do you publish sponsored posts commissioned by brands? How do you think your audience reacts to sponsored posts?

I do from time to time only if i believe in the product. A lot of swimwear and anything health related. Something positive and active. I feel I have a very positive page of followers. I haven’t had much of any negative feedback since I started on Instagram. Love them all!

Have you ever accepted to publish a sponsored post for a brand without being paid? If so, please describe your experience.

I have a couple times and it was for a charity or good cause.

What do you think about the recent changes to Instagram feed and the relevance that Videos are assuming?

I hate the new Instagram feed. It lowers “likes” unless they change their settings. So you arent the latest profile page to come up.

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Many thanks Danielle for taking the time for talking to us and good luck!

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