Influencer Fraud?

You’ve probably heard about brands engaging famous influencers to advertise their product, only to discover that they’ve spent all that money engaging a population of robots. With that in mind, there are many influencers who engage in such behaviour by using subtler means to get away with it. Lucky for you, here are some simple tips on how to spot them: 

View their comments

Does a high engagement mean that the influencer is real? Well, it is possible to buy fake engagement nowadays. A high engagement rate could mean that an influencer’s engagement is fake. These comments usually come in the form of a single emoji, or a string of generic comments.
Such comments could indicate that they are the result of click bots.

Who’s commenting?

Scrutinising the profiles of the commenters can be advantageous too. Real instagram accounts would have names and numbers that make sense.

Image result for fake comments instagram

Funky numbers likes 0 posts and thousands of followings are most probably fake.

Look through old posts

Did likes and views experience a sudden shoot?

Unless that influencer happened to be the cute and talented candidate featured on national TV last night, it probably impossible to be famous overnight. Tread carefully.

Influencer groups

Private “by-invite-only” influencer groups exist on sharing sites like Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp for influencers to update each other on their new posts. The purpose of this is to gather mutual “likes” and “comments”, creating the false illusion of engagement on your brand’s sponsored posts.

Most of these groups are privately listed and it would be a great headache to dig them out. 

Before engaging a brand ambassador, we would suggest a proper documented declaration by the influencer on such affairs.

Use softwares

Checking on a potential brand ambassador can be very tedious, especially since fraudulent influencers can result in hundred and even thousands of dollars wasted. In a few minutes, softwares can run through all data about user’s account that humans might overlook.

Some spam accounts comment in the same order on the same influencer’s posts.

Below is a screenshot taken from Popular Chips, where the percentage of inactive users can be viewed.

Influencer marketing has become one of the trendiest marketing strategies of our age. Unfortunately, it can only be effective if influencers are transparent about their followers and engagement.


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