Influencer Disputes: Online Battles and their Effects on Followers

Singaporeans love drama.

Couple that with the typical Singaporean’s “Fear Of Missing Out” and we have a winning recipe for the next trending topic. This time, the debate was about a potential case of multi level marketing.

Here’s a lowdown on what happened.

In mid April, a few local influencers started promoting beauty brands on their Instagram Stories. They raved endlessly about the marvels of the creams and masks they were using.

Enter Xiaxue, the Queen of Singapore’s blogosphere.

In a series of consecutive Instagram stories, the influencer called out all those who were in support of what she deemed a MLM scheme. She listed out entire arguments for why she believes this was similar to a MLM scheme, pointed out the false claims that were made in advertising the products and clearly stated her stance on the issue, subtly digging at the other influencers who condoned such behaviour.

Of course, those who were on the other side of the debate came forth to defend their practices.

What’s interesting to note here would be how Xiaxue‘s followers perceived this incident and how her arguments on other influencers have affected her following.


As can be seen, the drastic dip in Xiaxue‘s followers coincided with the exact time period when she engaged in the online arguments. A total of 258 followers were lost in the month of April alone and a huge chunk of that can probably be attributed to this incident alone.

Considering her relatively stable follower count up till then, a loss of 258 followers made the huge dip even more noticeable.

Other influencers who were involved such as BongQiuQiu, have also taken a relatively huge hit in the month of April when the incident occured.

Could the drop in follower count be attributed to the public’s views on such online arguments? Did the followers unfollow these influencers because they found their actions distasteful? There may be a million reasons why the followers did what they did but one thing’s for sure:

These influencers are here to stay and will still dominate our feeds with their amazing photos.

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