Influencer Capsule Collection Case Study: Kathleen Lights X Briogeo

The Briogeo Story 

Briogeo (@briogeo) is a haircare brand founded in January 2019 by Nancy Twine that focuses on natural solutions to natural problems, free of chemicals and engineered ingredients we constantly find in our products. 

“A refreshing deviation from a market saturated with products backed by big-name celebrity stylists and deep-pocketed corporations, Briogeo takes it back to basics, offering a high-performance, hair care collection that is naturally based, yet performance driven to provide visible results.”

The four pillars on which the company is built are inspiredness, diversity, cleanliness, and transparency, which I think is a beautiful foundation to build a business on. Making headway in an already saturated beauty industry is not easy, but Briogeo seems to be doing really well. One year on, they’ve embarked on their first influencer marketing campaign, so let’s take a deeper look. 

The Kathleen X Briogeo Collaboration

Anyone who shops ColourPop, Morphe, or other popular beauty brands might be familiar with Kathleen Lights (@kathleenlights), a Miami-based beauty influencer who has collaborated with these brands in the past. She also has her own nail polish line called @lightslaquer. Kathleen is a popular influencer amongst beauty brands, fundamentally because she checks some important boxes: more than 60% of her audience is female (the industry average for mega influencers is 47%), and nearly 100% of her followers are interested in beauty. 

This means that brands who work with her or invest in her sponsored posts can be sure that they are getting a high ROI. 

The product that Kathleen and Briogeo have collaborated on is the ‘B. Well Aromatic Essential Oils Kit’, currently only available in the US. Her post announcing this collaboration is one of her Top Performing Posts in the last quarter. 

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This tells us that her audience is receptive and appreciative of this content — one of the most important markers of a successful collaboration. 

The same sentiment is reflected on Briogeo’s own account as well, where two of the posts featuring Kathleen performed better than average. 

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The Engagement Rate on these posts is 1.7% — not stunningly high, but better than their average performance and also commendable for a brand’s first year in operation and first campaign. 

Here we also see a slight uptake in audience growth on the brand account ever since the first post featuring Kathleen: 

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Upon announcing a meet & greet with Kathleen in lieu of the collaboration, the audience growth on Briogeo’s Instagram account also grew the most it has this quarter.

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Here is the post:

The fact that RSVP-ing for the event is not predicated on “following @briogeo” tells us that the growth is organic, and people are following the account because they want to. Of course, the collaboration with Kathleen is an important catalyst for this interest. 

What Can Briogeo Do In The Next Campaign? 

First tries at anything are never perfect. I think Briogeo chose an amazing influencer to be the face of their first campaign, and here are three suggestions to make the next one even better. 

1 – Establish A Strong Hashtag

So far in their posts, Briogeo has used two different hashtags: #KathleenxBriogeo as well as #BriogeoXKathleenLights. Kathleen, on the other hand, did not use either hashtag in her post at all. This is not recommended, because the posts that use the hashtags will aggregate separately, making it difficult to measure post-campaign success. Additionally, people might get confused and resort to not using a hashtag at all, which means that a lot of content related to this campaign will be lost. 

Thinking of a good, creative campaign hashtag can be tricky but it can also be the key to visibility. 

2 – Behind-the-Scenes Content

In terms of making sure that Influencer Capsule Collections are authentic and genuine, it is important to include behind-the-scenes content over and above polished/edited images and videos. People are interested in the organic processes that go behind collaborations, and it never hurts to give people an insight into the production process. 

This drives brand awareness and hype, which will effectively drive sales. 

3 – Syncing Brand & Influencer Content 

Briogeo started posting about this collaboration on 30th December 2019, but Kathleen’s first post only went live on 6th January 2020. It’s generally important in any campaign to sync posts between the brand and the influencer, so that there is synergy and a cohesive message. 

A great example of this is the when KKW Beauty launched the Mrs. West Palette

“Kim and the KKW team also ensured that their feeds mirrored one another’s during this period, further exemplifying the thematic importance of this collection.”

While they don’t have to post at exactly the same time, a general parallel is good so that followers of either (but ideally both) account can visualise the campaign and its message.


Influencer Capsule Collections can drive a lot of traffic to your brand, and it is important to capitalise on the influencer’s audience (and their attention) for as long as possible. The fundamental goal is to bring as many followers over to your brand and heighten brand awareness. Over time and a series of Capsule Collections, awareness will turn revenue. 

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Written by Deesha Menon

Influencer Marketing at Popular Chips. Interested in social issues, narratives, books, social media, and machine learning.

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